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Posted by theKM | Dec 07, 2009 @ 10:10 PM | 25,350 Views
...wanted to update a post on my blog to list my sponsors. I joined team 3DHobbyShop some time ago, I now work for them as a product developer, and outside of that some high quality brands are supporting my RC antics of which I'm truly appreciative. Some people want to know what brands are behind me so they can regard my posts as biased or whatever... but, whatever. I was a customer of these products long before I was a member of their team... I take a serious attitude toward providing advice and recommendations. All efforts towards helping people enjoy the hobby can be destroyed with a single bad connector or faulty servo. To this degree I make sure that my recommendations are based on genuine personal experience.

People should be able to buy products with the assurance of a rewarding experience. Life is too short to play with un-fun toys. For a rewarding experience I heartily recommend these brands...