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Posted by theKM | Jan 03, 2008 @ 12:57 PM | 30,175 Views
...and while gathering the Maelstrom and flicking through the Floaterline, I realised there was no original sketches, as the Floaterline idea actually started as a canard... and was the originating point for the "common fuselage" idea to have the canard, and a more "typical" plane arrangement.

The attached sketches show the two variant ideas and that it has actually made it into CAD... the more "natural" looking wing, or the constant chord which was to have visual queues back to golden age planes like the GeeBee and Wedell Williams.

And from the front elevation, you can kind of see how I progressed from this to the dihedral shape for the Maelstrom.

The Maelstrom

Posted by theKM | Jan 03, 2008 @ 12:33 PM | 30,212 Views
Back in august I posted into an EDF forum with some sketches of a design I've been workin on since February. It's an EDF canard seaplane, which will be called "the Maelstrom". Here's the same sketches rotated for better viewing...