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Posted by AWESOME KONG | Jun 19, 2012 @ 09:51 PM | 1,996 Views
This is my story, 36 year's ago in 1976 my dad took me to a high school where they fly RC AIRPLANE'S, so he could drive his nitro RC CAR with my cousin and I. And we had to ask all of the guy's that had airplane's there what channel's they had so when we turned on the radio we would'nt crash some one's airplane, so then came the RC CAR bam I was addicted to RC CAR'S from then on !!! and I have had way to many of them just ask my wife. So for 35 years now I have wanted to fly those AIRPLANE'S that where stuck in my head.! And have been afraid to fly for so long.!!!+ I'm not even sure why ??? so 3 day's befor friday the 13th 4-13-12 I sold my slash 4X4 for $300 and thought well the APPRENTICE is there on the shelf of my L.H.S. and I have seen lot's of you tube video's of it, ok let's do it.! So off I whent with my new FOAMIE HIGH WING TRAINER YEAH HOOOO );-} and with what little time I have spent on the REAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR at my L.H.S. I was still chicken to MAIDEN this new bird.! Untill 4-13-12 up on a dead end street in a 7 mph wind I got-r-done the maiden, so a week later I sold my e-revo for $400 then it was time to get the EXTRA 300 and the 300 was a little intimadating but not to bad and after flying it for about 40 day's, well ok maybe a new YAK 54 wow all three are a total blast.!!! Then I sold my SUMMIT 4X4 for $380 & the RUSTY VXL for $125 as a roller, so one day with some extra cash in my pocket my L.H.S. had 2 STRYKER'S on the shelf. So why not I will give it a try then on 6-11-12 the maiden of my new STRYKER F-27Q WOOOOOHOOOOOO YEAAAAA this thing is AWESOME,NARLY,RADICAL,WAY COOL, YEAH AND SOME REAL FUN !!! NOW I'M HOOKED ON THE "STRYKER" and want to buy a second one for SPEED.!! ! Not speed run's but to take out in 30 to 60 mph wind and fly the crap out of it !!! so there you have it a new RC AIRPLANE ADDICT );-} ""finaly"" I HAVE GROWEN A PAIR TO FLY. ;}