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Posted by Banjo5 | Feb 10, 2013 @ 02:18 PM | 6,286 Views
Spurred on by requests for a tri from customers of Chris (bobepine) at Armattan Quads for a tricopter, I've been pondering a yaw design that would be simple to produce yet production worthy.

On my tri I first made a direct drive "RCexplorer" type yaw but was never wholly happy with it. The servo I used wasn't up to the job and it failed on my second flight (when I clipped a wall with the tail rotor).

I then made a variant on the "hallstudio" version, using a chunk of plastic cutting board for the motor mount and a 4mm chunk of knitting needle for the pivot shaft.

I prefer using a linkage as it allows for the servo to rotate more than the yaw motor to give a mechanical advantage (and hence use more of the servo torque and precision).

For this version I wanted something simple, cheap and robust. Here's the first quick and dirty mockup. It uses the same plastic steering mounts popularized by RCexplorer, but with one cut in half. I used the same 4mm knitting needle for the pivot shaft (because it's nice light, smooth aluminum). The motor mounting plate should be a fairly simple item to cut with CNC/laser. The holes along the bend line should help it bend a the right place. The intent was that this would be done by the end user, to save the cost and complexity at manufacture (this spurred by the "CNC landing skids" that Chris offers).

The pivot is a friction fit into the center plastic mount, and the two end ones were drilled out to be a close...Continue Reading
Posted by Banjo5 | Jun 26, 2012 @ 12:01 PM | 4,168 Views
Hello everyone. I've been away from RC since '99 but just about to get back into it.

Here's a bit of background.

I've been flying model planes since I was a kid. Built FF gliders and lots of control line planes. Was interested in RC so used to ride my bike 10 miles to the RC field to watch in the mid '70's.

Bought an old RC with my savings, forget the model, but never actually flew it. For 15th birthday I got a Falcon 56 kit to build. Later that year we were in the US for Dad's sabbatical and I got a new Orbit 5 channel RC for Xmas/Birthday on the "new" blue/white freq! However, cars, girls and other distractions came along so I never got it all together.

Fast forward 20 years. On a whim I bought an Ace Hi glider, dug out one of my old .049's and actually got it together and flew the Orbit RC for the first time. Then bought a 2m Thermal Thing glider, and decided I'd better get a modern radio so bought a Futaba Skysport to go in it in May '95. Joined ORCC in Ottawa and started flying the glider more and more. I think I got all my LSF I flights in with the Thermal Thing.

Things moved fast and later that summer our family holiday was to Virginia Beach where I met and flew and learned a great deal from Herk Stokeley. I also bought an Airtronics Vision RC and picked up a 2M Waco Mirage glider from Frank Weston on the way by. I flew the Mirage hard and really liked it. Got all the LSF II points needed, but don't think I ever got the paperwork sent in.

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