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Posted by Andyb65 | Dec 24, 2015 @ 06:12 AM | 2,735 Views
I do like a project. I have been looking around for awhile and would have liked to do the Yellow aircraft P-38 but they have closed up shop. I have looked at green air designs planes before and I do like the early British jets so it was a toss up between the Meteor or the Canberra. The Canberra won.
After contacting Adrian at G.A.D to find out if the wings came off for storage the order was placed.
It was about four weeks and the kit was made and shipped. England, France Germany, two stops mainland USA then Hawaii, Sydney and finally Melbourne.
The parts were well packed with no damage to anything.
It looks like it should go together fairly easily ( I think I said that about the Hunter ).
Had sometime today so joined the fuselage sections and pinned them together.
It will be about the same size as the hunter with 70 mm fans.