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Posted by matiac | Aug 08, 2012 @ 01:33 PM | 4,118 Views
In my airplane(s) silly! Nah, couple weeks ago me and #1 Son bought a couple 750mm Airfield/FMS P47 Thunderbolts, he got the Silver one, I got the Green one. His is his "goal-plane", i.e., when he can put a few batteries through his Nine Eagles 400mm Spitfire, and ample time on our flight sim (Clearview), he'd be ready to fly his new plane. Well, the better part of a month has passed, and his new plane is still sitting on his shelf, collecting dust, because we tried to fly my green one, and she won't fly no matter WHAT you do. In fact, she crashes better than anything! Nitroplanes tried to convince me that it was pilot error (putting the thing up in the FIRST place was my error), and all the issues the plane has were "normal". A bowed main wing is not normal. ANYWAY, had to order a kit because Nitroplanes didn't have a mainwing in stock (broke the main wing twice), so did that, took all the innards from the green plane, and transferred them to the silver kit. Then I saw a thread at another forum about gyro stabilization for airplanes, and along comes Mike from out on the Left Coast with some head-lock gyros for sale. SOLD!! So when they arrive toward the end of the week, we're gonna put them in both parkflyers and the bigger 1400mm Jug I have, because the videos I've watched regarding these planes, I've noticed the kinda pull left at take-off, and it's my hope these gyros will cure that problem, so I can concentrate more on flying than fighting, we shall...Continue Reading