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Posted by mrm1 | Nov 20, 2007 @ 05:00 PM | 6,449 Views
I took a step back today to reflect and give thanks for all the nice people I have met and all the fun I have had flying RC the past 3 years. I started in the hobby back in October of 2004.

I got in from work early this afternoon and it was such a nice afternoon I though ... "this would be a perfect time to take a group shot" !

So I slapped all the models together for these nice spreads in my driveway. Some of the models I have had since the beginning of my RC experience. The Super Star, Fun World & Soar Star were all bought in the first 6 weeks of my first maiden flight back in Oct of 2004. The Superstar is actually my first plane ... and still flys great.

All of these models are RTF except for 1 receivers and a couple ESCs.

So I am taking a step back here a few days before Thanksgiving to take stock and give thanks for all the RC Fun I have had the past 3 years. What a Great Addiction ... Uh .... Hobby, yea hobby ... that's what I ment.

Here is the Line Up in the pics below:
foam U Can Do
Super Star EP
Super Sportster EP
foam SoarStar
Mini Ultra Stick
Mini E3D
EP Sailor 2 meter
Fun World EP
PAM Tiger Moth
Liberty 182
J3 Cub
SA Cap 232 .40e
Here are the Videos of most of these models