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Posted by mrm1 | Nov 23, 2006 @ 09:19 PM | 6,546 Views
I am just sitting here tonight taking stock of life, and stuff, and my RC collection.

As some of you know, I had a heart attack 14 days ago (Nov 7th). I guess I am OK, but stuff like this make you look around. It has been hard for me to get back into RCG. But I have been reading some.

I got to go out and fly today. A little to windy for my tastes, and I was flying in a friends back yard ... too tight. Flew the Mini Ultra Stick.

My recovery is going as good or better than expected. I am back to about 70-80% I do not expect any complications from the heart attack except a life of certain meds, and daily exercise. Not really a bad thing.

As I sit here, this is just about my 2 year anniversery of RC flight. I started in mid Oct with a Hobbico Super Star EP. I did lots of web research and ended up going electric instead of fuel and thought I was just going to buy a plane I could putt around a field or a large backyard with.

Boy was I wrong about how addictive it is. Two years later I have had several planes ... And I have never totalled any of them. I either still have them or sold them.

Here is a list of what I have gone thru:

- Super Star EP
- Fun World EP
- Sky Raider Mach I
- Sky Raider Mack II
- Super Sportster EP
- SA Cap 232 .40e
- U Can Do foamy
- Soar Star (wingo copy)
- PAC .25 Tiger Moth
- EP Sailor 2 meter glider
- Wild Fly Flat Foamy (that was a gift)
- Mini Ultra Stick
- Eflight J-3 Cub
- A 2nd U Can Do
- PiccoZ Mini Heli

And still in the box
- A GWS foam P-51
- Walkera F-16 EPP Ducted Fan

Any 9 of these planes is fully fitted and ready to fly at any given time.

Man, too much money. I may be a junkie