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Posted by mrm1 | Sep 09, 2006 @ 03:51 PM | 7,122 Views
I usually fly every Saturday that the weather is favorable, but today was an exception. The daughter wanted a special trip.

She wanted to see Space Shuttle Atlantis lift off from the Kennedy Space Center. We had tried yesterday but got put off. So today we drove back over and was not disappointed.

We viewed the launch from Space View Park in Titusville which is about 12.5 miles from the Launch Pad (39b). From here you could see the pad but not the shuttle on the pad as the shuttle is on the beach side and the pad blocks the view. We had bought a 700 / f 11.6 Telescope yesterday from wal mart and this helped the view out a lot. She got to see it go up thru the scope and it was very clear.

Crowd at the park was very large. We were in the front row as we had arrived 3 hrs before lift off.

11:14 AM - Perfect launch. Great View (best public view short of the KSC on-site sites). Daughter loved it. Good day. Did not mind missing the flight action.

Watch as it pierces the cloud. It looks like the bottom of the cloud is on fire.

Video is shot with a Panasonic DV-52D Mini Digital Video recorder. The camera had a 10x optical zoom with a 700x digital. I was on a tripod and could only get steady and clear up to about 85x optical/digital. I think the 700x is propbably a waste. It is not very clear at 12.5 miles.

Here is the video we shot:

Posted by mrm1 | Sep 02, 2006 @ 02:13 PM | 10,638 Views
Gas-to-Electric Conversoin Maiden
Tower Pro 3520-05

The Motor

This is the first field test of this budget Outrunner motor From Tower Pro. It is in my friend Otto's Phoenix Super Decathlon Gas to Electric conversion. This was his first conversion and first large electric model.

The plane can be had for $120 from Tower and is very sweet indeed.

The specs of the plane with a gas engine are suppose to be 7 lbs, but the plane did not feel that heavey to me - more like 5 lbs. See the pic of the manufactures specs below. His cowl was broken from a previous gas crash.

The model was set up with:
- the Tower Pro 3520-07 from Gorrilla Bob's - $45
- Tower Pro 65 G2 ESC - $40
- Reciever Battery
- 14x7 prop APCe
- 4s 10c - ?3700 mAh? (i think) pack from Common Sense - could not confirm mAh as their site seems to be down.
Shipping to Fl for motor and ESC from Bob was 2 days.

We used the Eagle Tree Data Logger for in flight Data. Tried to connect the temp probe to the back of the bell, but it did not read?? But got in flight amps / watts / volts. Check the graphs below. Amazing power output.

Flight Summary:

All I can say is wow. This 66" gas to electric conversion was over powered. Flew beautifully. took off in about 25' with only 3/4 throttle from rough grass and we flew it for nearly 8 minutes and still seemed to have plenty of power.

I took the controls at about 5 minutes into the flight (no video), and did loops, stall turns (not...Continue Reading