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Posted by mrm1 | Apr 06, 2006 @ 01:31 PM | 7,834 Views
Well I thought I would try a few new things this week.

First is the RCG blogs. I thought I would start a Personal RCG blog about my flying and the fleet I fly. I have a blog of my own in another location, but it is primarily for my PodCast to keep it updated (Oh, If you are interested in receiving my weekly PodCast just add this line to your Pod Catcher: or visit the URL to learn more about PodCasts.)

So, Since it seems most of the stuff I rant about crosses over motor, battery and plane lines. And starting a thread on one limits my discussion to only the one, I thought I would open a Blog about my over all RC experiences.

The Second thing I thought I would try New this week was Sail Planes. I had been wanting a sail plane since last summer and A few weeks ago I saw on the Air-Borne Models site a World Models EP Sailor w/ geared 550 motor in the scatch and dent for $69. It was only a damaged box, but the model was complete. Well that is all it took to get me started. I ordered it and it arrived just a few days later.

Well, Got it up and running yesterday, and did a maiden this AM. This is my first experience with a large 2 meter sail plane. Weather was perfect (but a little cool - so no thermal activity that I found).

Well all I can say is ... "Sail Planes are Cool" This thing is RC Fun on a whole new Level. I only flew one pack in it today - a Thunder Power 2100 3s prolite. It was too...Continue Reading