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Posted by MJS88 | Mar 13, 2013 @ 10:23 PM | 4,640 Views

**** !! BUYER BEWARE !! ****

READ THIS FIRST if you are thinking about purchasing an Idea-Fly / iFly 4 or 4-S..
SPECIALLY if you’re considering buying from a questionable & dishonorable Company such as
AERIAL FILMING / aka "Jonathan" .. and the supposed “RTF” package in particular .. or from dubious e-Bay Sellers

And even MORE SO if you are a NOOB!!

To clarify, I am not saying that this iFly4(s) Quad itself is garbage or a “Lemon”..
in fact I don’t even know because I never had the opportunity to really fly it
so I can’t make that specific determination.

All I can say is that from personal experience and reading posts from many other people here
on the Forums who have commented..
".. this is an unreliable & unpredictable machine that tends to fail frequently,
parts are not easy to get and there is no support whatsoever..

Look at my last video..

iFly4-S Flight Tests - Her Last Voyage 01-19-2013 RIP (3 min 14 sec)

My last attempted flight.. all of 44 seconds worth when I got the dreaded “flip of death”
after the ESC apparently burned out.

My Resentment and Contempt basically come down to this:

- I HATE being taken advantage of..
- Or lied to.. which includes the categories of misleading and/or deceptive marketing, etc.
- I detest this lack of serious trade practices, or worse,
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Posted by MJS88 | Dec 06, 2012 @ 12:30 PM | 6,105 Views
* As you read on, keep in mind all this is from the perspective of a clueless, inexperienced and shamefully unskilled (regarding R/FPV & RC) total NOOB..
Thank You in advance for your mercy! *

** for those who don’t know what I mean by “R/FPV”.. it stands for “Remote (and/or) FPV”.. I came up with that term because you can have an onboard cam recording the action, but not necessarily be viewing/recording it live, remotely **

Check out my Channel on YouTube


I had been involved on/off in small-scale ground level RC for many years, although the last few of which I hadn’t done much with it and I REALLY wanted to get back into RC and pursue FPV (my newly discovered passion!) since last year when I saw some of the coolest aerial (Quad-copter) videos on Utube from my friends Dave & Juz.
Wow! Those awesome videos (and Pilots!) totally rekindled my dormant desires to get back into RC!

One day I stumbled upon something extraordinary..
People were rigging R/FPV equipment to RC cars, trucks, buggies and all kinds of other ground vehicles..
In fact, I was experiencing flashbacks of the movie “Home Alone”..

After some more research and talking to people I decided to go for it!
Specifically, for an On/Off road type vehicle, on a larger scale (1/10) than what I was used to.
I consulted with the experts at my local HobbyTown store (these guys are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced alright!) about what type of...Continue Reading
Posted by MJS88 | May 28, 2012 @ 03:04 PM | 4,437 Views
The following is not intended to be all-inclusive or definitive, it is based solely on my research, personal opinions, observations and to some extent, twisted sense of humor.

Some or all of it may or may not apply to you, depending on where you live. Due diligence is recommended. Research & find out what your particular legal responsibilities & liability consequences are ..and govern yourself accordingly!

Yes indeed my friends.. Legalities & Liabilities
FEAR them.. AVOID them.. YOU could be held accountable for negligence, among other things.

I know.. this certainly not being the most warm & fuzzy thoughts to have prior to a flight.
I’ve seen this subject vaguely touched on here and elsewhere, but I haven’t found any postings with comprehensive info, further details –or any juicy, scary stories.
I’ve also briefly hinted on this subject on several occasions, both here & on Utube vid comments, and if you’ve been following me/reading my posts, you will know that my collateral interest in these Quad’s is FPV Aerial videography -to enhance my business.

PLEASE take note – the issues of legalities & liabilities does not necessarily apply ONLY to the business or commercial use of these flying-eyes.. being a hobbyist & flying strictly for FUN DOES NOT EXCLUDE YOU from the potentially serious consequences of Legal and/or Liability issues!

In all honesty, I didn’t even THINK about any of this stuff when I first got ultra-excited about...Continue Reading
Posted by MJS88 | May 23, 2012 @ 07:56 PM | 3,359 Views
A noobs perspective and pre-flight log of Q&A, commentaries, discussions, conundrums, exploration, discovery, decisions, probable financial decimation, and ultimately a series of flight experiences, plus the inevitable “Crash & Burns”

For starters, I’ve disclosed this before in some of the threads, along with my questions, so rather than keep telling people “I’m just clueless”, here it is again ..officially and for everyone’s amusement..

Ok, so YES.. I’m a total NOOB when it comes to flying/Quads.. my RC experience so far being limited to Amateur/Hobby ground level adventures only (cars, off-roads, boats).
In fact, at the time of this post I don’t even own a Quad yet, I’m still trying to figure what might be the best choice for me – and for what I want to do – which is why I ask so many questions here in the forums & on Utube –where I have subscribed to many of the channels maintained there by members of this forum..

Yea, even though noobs are typically regarded as “iggy’s” and not given a whole lot of resolve, attention –or respect. Well, everyone’s got to start somewhere.. so here I am.
If you’re going to spank me with critique for being a “wannabe pilot”, or for asking dumb questions where the answers should be otherwise obvious to you.. please just do it already and let’s get that part out of the way.. LOL!

PS. – Conversely, of course we all know there are also a lot of disrespectful, impatient, ungrateful, inconsiderate and even nasty people/...Continue Reading