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Posted by CryptoHawk | Jul 16, 2012 @ 03:17 PM | 2,729 Views
Here's my 2nd update to this blog .....

On Thursday morning around 11am the courier turned up with 4 flat-pack parcels containing a total of 334 pieces of laser-cut carbon fiber sheeting ranging in size downwards from 3400mm (length) – this been the largest single piece, a cross section piece of C/F sheeting stretching wingtip to wingtip through the fuselage.

My original plan was to construct this model with detachable wings. On reflection, as mechanical skills & design are not my strongest points I have decided to sacrifice convenience for practicality & simplicity. Subject to how well things work out with this first-time construction, I will follow up with a 2nd model that will then have detachable wings, as described in my intro notes to this blog.

I am going to post up a series of digital pictures as soon as I’ve laid out all the pieces in order, which will show:

- the 37 carbon fiber pieces laid out in order that make the model from nose to tail.
- the 56 carbon fiber pieces laid out in order that make up wing chord and fuselage length.

The remainder 240 odd pieces are smallish pieces best described as joining/overlap type pieces. This is going to be primarily a bonded model – using adhesives to bond some 95% plus of the carbon fiber frame parts together. Bonding type construction is slower but it has some distinctly advantageous plus points going for it, namely:

- Mass/weight: bonding can offer significant weight saving over the...Continue Reading
Posted by CryptoHawk | Jun 27, 2012 @ 11:31 AM | 4,294 Views
Retirement ….. at last. So what to do with the time ……..?

I used to fly simple radio controlled models as a youngster. We would build them using balsa and plywood, based on one or other monthly magazine plan. No Lithium ion batteries back then. OS engines were the power source and control transmitters along with servos had just started to become available to hobby flyers. Those were the early days.

Things have certainly moved on since … so where does one start now?

Well, I’ve purchased an X8 Flying Wing. A good or bad choice to get back into model flying with?

Many may argue not a good choice, but the best model flying I ever experienced was with a home made balsa flying wing, so with that in mind (and good reviews/write-ups on the forum), the X8 has been my choice. I would certainly not have chosen the X8 Flying Wing were it not for the wealth of information that users have shared on the X8 thread of the FPV forum. A big thanks to all of you for sharing your experience/s with this model to date. Its helped me a ton to come to decisions regards motor options, servo torque requirements and all the other hardware detail that will need to be considered. Actual RF considerations I have in hand and can deal with, but regards the rest a good few hours have been spent reading the X8 thread and collating the data that has been typed up and shared by forum members. Again, a big thanks to all.

The plan is not to fly the foam X8 as it is “...Continue Reading