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Posted by exempt | Apr 16, 2006 @ 09:18 PM | 4,762 Views
Here are some photos of me flying the Tiger Moth while it was on world tour, it was some time ago but I just came across the pics again and realized that I've never posted them. This model was just in a recent issue of fly RC (it was a small photo but I think I could even see my signature on the plane!......everyone who flies it signs it) I believe the TM is still "touring" the world, I'm not sure, I know when I received it it had already been to like 40 something people, most of them in different states, I was the only pilot to represent the state of Rhode Island. It was allot of fun taking part in this project!
Posted by exempt | Apr 12, 2006 @ 01:44 AM | 4,193 Views
I have been having a great "conversation" with "Lanny" about the Graupner Terry for the past few days (see COMMENTS) it's been great fun talking about one of my favorite designs! I am STILL working on the Demon "pylon-racer" but I have to admit I am somewhat side tracked by all my other projects at this time: Depron park jets (which I have at least 4 that I want to build), obtaining a new and cheaper source for Depron (which I guarantee I will do), updating and retrofitting my Mamba (NE sailplane) model, and refitting my TwinJet with a MONO-Brishless. So many models....so little time.
Posted by exempt | Apr 08, 2006 @ 12:05 AM | 4,898 Views
I am constantly amazed by this model! I have had at least one Terry (we're talking the Graupner Terry here in case anyone was lost) in my hanger for at least 5 years now. It has to be one of the best designs out there! It flies as majestically as a 3 meter sailplane, it's fast and agile if that's what you want out of it, and is quite easy enough for an absolute beginner. Now how many models can we say that about? Superb design is what it's all about, the wing itself should be in an art gallery. I now have two, one with the regular speed 400 equipment and one with an Astro 020 Direct Drive five turn motor, amazing performance with the Astro, literally out of site in like say....10 seconds. Glide forever and power back up for a rocket like catapult up to 1000 ft. or so in seconds! OK, it's obvious I like this model, but you can't take my word for it, do yourself a huge favor and get one of these gems, their cheap and the bang for the buck can't be beat. Don't say I didn't worn you though, you will most likely become a Terry addict.
Posted by exempt | Apr 04, 2006 @ 02:21 AM | 4,465 Views
Well, I decided it's been long enough, I've had a good 6 month rest from flying and went out to my "private" field (where noboby else flies) and took my relatively new EZ* out for a spin. Well I guess I have finally become a REAL pilot since it was like I had flown the day before, everything came completetly automatic and natural and I was flying in (I'm not joking here) 20-28 MPH winds!
My Radio-Shack wind meter thing confirmed this. If it weren't for my EZ* packing a 5 turn Mega brushless I'm not sure I would have stood a chance but it was ALOT of fun flying in massive wind since I had all that power to combat the overwhelming forces. My longest flight on that day was 35 min. and I only used about 1/2 of the pack so that was neat.


I'm now working on my newest model, it's a "DEMON" a small pylon racer style speedster, I've installed a 4 turn Mega in it and now I just have to install the servos and the like. Very well made and light, although there are almost no instructions to speak of so deciding where I should put things is taking longer than it should. Photos of this build ANY day now!