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Posted by rcbatteries | May 27, 2012 @ 11:12 PM | 1,807 Views
Hi body,i just subscribed a new blog on the blog.com.
I'd like to meet and share with anyone from rcgroup.
Your suggestion and join would be my pleasure.

haha, http://agapower.blog.com/
Posted by rcbatteries | May 21, 2012 @ 03:31 AM | 2,638 Views
Usually it will only cause some sparks, smoke at the beginning, so donít leave the charging Lipos too far away. And never fall asleep when charging. There are lots of method to stay away from risks, e.g. install smoke sensor, socket with timer so that it can switch off after 1 hours charging automatically.
Posted by rcbatteries | May 21, 2012 @ 03:20 AM | 3,664 Views
After 10 years of research and development, AGA company is extremely excited to bring to you our new brand of Lithium Polymer Batteries---AGAPOWER! For better promotion, we are holding a FREE LiPo Giveaway! AGA plan to recruit 50 players all around the world (3 limited for each country), to test our products.

Applicants need to provide the following data:

1. Your RC play history and personal introduction. (include a picture of your rc model that you want to use with AGAPOWER batteries)
2. If you have ever attended any racing, please provide us with the racing’s information, as well as your achievements.
3. Battery specifications for the RC models, include specified battery size, voltage,discharge rate, etc.
4. If you have a modified RC model that you will be using with the AGAPOWER LiPo, please provide the modified specs in detail. Example: Running power systems, ESC Amp and Brand, Motor KV,type of EDF or Propeller, Avionics (radio gear), Type of Battery connector plug,etc.

Each player who wins the opportunity will gain 2 free battery packs for testing, and he just needs to pay for the transport fees.

After testing, players should provide us materials as follows:
1. Test report
2. Test video and photos

According to the test materials players submit, AGA company will choose 3 outstanding ones, who could own our free battery for one year(2 packs for each month),also, just need to pay for the transport fees.


The activity will stop when it’sfull.
The final interpretation right belongs to the AGA company.