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Posted by jhkiom | Jan 10, 2016 @ 02:41 PM | 2,292 Views
The Inspire case is not a bad bit of kit, but there are/have been a lot of complaints about zipper quality.

I've had a couple recently, (my first experiences with the Inspire) and both seemed to have very stiff zips, to the point they were likely to break, after the first time opening them.

Haven given them a thorough looking over, it 'clicked' with me as to the issue.

When the case is folded open, the zippers are pulled back inside the outer shroud (not intentionally for sure). This then catches and creates friction for the entire action of zipping closed, unless it's pulled out into its operating position.

Simply pulling out till the zip "pops" or snaps back into its normal position is all that's required to resolve this.

The video below, shows exactly what I mean.

inspire zipper (0 min 17 sec)

The "fault" happens to both my cases every time, and the fix works 100% - but its possible there may be other issues.

I have some macro photos that show this also and will add them here later.

All I know is that this is 100% effective for me and my case zips work effortlessly without requiring any lubricants or other fixes.