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Posted by wingloada | Feb 16, 2013 @ 05:48 PM | 12,587 Views
Vivace - 100" Elliptical wing glider/eglider prototype design:

Influenced by Dr. Mark Drela's Allegro Lite design with high aspect ratio elliptical flying surfaces. Vivace (lively) is a musical modifier of Allegro (as in Allegro Vivace - fast and lively).

Updated 3-30-13
Modified April 7, 2013 -- larger wing control surfaces, corrected shear web dimensions, and redrew wing ribs.
Modified May 5, 2013 -- edited the wooden fuselage design for longer nose moment.
Modified May 12, 2013 -- Moved indicated CG
Modified May 18, 2013 -- Straightened center section spar so that no angled joint is needed at the center of the CF spar caps.
Modified May 31 -- finer line weight in pdf.
Modified 1-18-14 -- Corrected mis-drawn spar cap cutouts in ribs W1-W7.
Modified 2-10-14 -- Corrected slightly mis-drawn rib length dimensions


Drawing files and part cut sheets:

126" larger wing option

Modified 6-23-13 -- Added enlarged tail section proportional to wing increase from original 100" design.
Modified 7-5-13 -- Corrections to the drawings.
Modified 7-15-13 -- Simplified stab construction, added lost foam fuselage for electric version.
Modified 7-16-13 -- Clarified parts for built up stab and fin-rudder.
Modified 7-28-13 -- Minor corrections as prototype build progresses.
Modified 7-28-13 -- Specifications added and outer panel aileron...Continue Reading