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Posted by wingloada | Oct 12, 2012 @ 05:13 PM | 12,424 Views
I have posted several design ideas for wooden fuselages to fit Jack Womack's Houston Hawk, Yardbird, and Bantam wings and tails. These fuselages are not official parts for the Houston Hawk, Yardbird, or Bantam and planes built with them need to be understood to be modifications and not true planes bearing Jack Womack's design names. They are just drawn up as options that can work as wooden versions for those wings and tail sets.

Here they all are. The revision date is listed on each plan. I have not built and tested some of these yet (I hope to soon) and I am not an engineer, just a modeler, so these are use at own risk drawings. There are photos at the bottom of the ones I have built.

Before printing be careful that the printer results with 100% scale at the bottom right of each drawing to confirm that you get 1:1 (1 inch on drawing equals one inch on printed page).

** My suggestion is that before printing, have the person doing the printing double check that the scale will be correct for their file+printer. Sometimes printers shrink or expand the drawing when printing. I have received a report of the Yardbird fuselage pdf printing at a result that was 68% of full scale. This may have been because I had too much on one page for the drawings so I have split the large drawings into two sheets, one that is the plan and the other that shows the profile and dimensions.

If reduction persists with these new files, I believe that you might be able to avoid that by...Continue Reading