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Posted by remzibi | May 19, 2011 @ 06:26 AM | 22,333 Views
Lastly I was a lot involved into use of Arduino IDE , for some devices based on Arduino .
In closer look of Arduino I have followed conclusions .

Fusebits of Arduino MCU are set for home play with MCU by young hobbyist - but not for RC use in jammed and glitched environment , as for sure is ESC , some radios , cameras step-up converters , Video TX , etc. etc.
So what we got :
- ext. crystal (low power) - Unfortunate clock will work badly in environment what are jammed and glitched and power is not good quality and noisy , RC is exactly such environment .
In this cases manufacturer recommend Full-Swing Crystal option to avoid any problems .

- Brown-out detect is 2,7V , so it should be at 4,3V . In so low power , MCU just "play" that working correctly but it not . In case of communication cable are in , MCU alredy start clock running and can case bad memory and counting malfunctions . MCU should start only when the battery power is connected . In old days when was used RS232 and MAX232 chip such problem doesn't existed , but now USB cable have as normally 3,3V pull-ups on TX RX lines - what in fact made MCU to work .
That can explain why Arduino use for programing special FTDI cable with DTR signal to bypass this issue , except of commercial reason .

- Bootloader 2048kb size , there are smaller exist . Need to use special cable with DTR signal - that bad . There is not problem if on the board exist FTDI chip - but if not there is complication ....Continue Reading