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Posted by seamusagleann | Jan 21, 2013 @ 08:08 PM | 2,182 Views
Well hear I am ,been back home for a few months now ,my Heng Long tiger one is almost entirely metal ,just a few things to get ,like a new receiver board ,it is not advisable to turn it upside down after filling the smoke machine ,liquid everywhere ,over me ,in the tx 18 and shorting out the board . The heli collection is growing too ,I bought a Husban lynx that I upgraded to alloy , have several batterys for it ,and now needs new tail motor , the shaft got bent when Mrs seamusagleann tried to put the rotor back on . My syma fleet is also expanding, and now my latest venture is to fix a sea king ,just like rescue 177 which is busy hear in Glen Coe ,you may have heard about the 4 people who were killed in an avalanche, very sad , anyway it's good to be home and I can't wait for spring when ,once again I can get out and about ,fly helis and try out the tank up on the archery range ,plenty slates to built bridges and tunnels
Posted by seamusagleann | Nov 06, 2012 @ 09:40 AM | 2,044 Views
No not the band the bloody west coast weather!!! At least inverness was dry and I did get out of hospital for some shore leave. Nurse.... where are you going? I need to record it . Me...... organ recital then church ! OK so off I go to hootananys ,a bar in the town ,live music every night and a delicious honey ale from Black Isle brewery,lol .went there most of the time ,even me and the barkeep were on first name terms. So the time comes for me to leave so i,I'm waiting on the bus ,well honeyed by this time and I spots this model shop in the arcade so in I goes ,then out I come a bit lighter on the visa but the proud owner of a HengLong tiger one tank . Couldn't wait to get it going so I charge it up then off on a trial run ,smoke coming out of it ,meets one of the nurses ,she suggest we take it into mr wolf's office , so we did her pushing me in the wheelchair ,me tank commander . The look on his face was priceless.