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Posted by davidterrell80 | Sep 25, 2017 @ 05:24 PM | 116,796 Views
I have completed the "Phase One" I had in mind, when I started; to put everything I had in a publicly available venue--with room to add more as I find it.

From this time forward, readers can comment without expecting my automatic deletion... for, as I said, the structure is complete.

That said, as long as I have administrator privileges on this thread, I do reserve the right to remove posts as I deem necessary, to preserve the subject matter, good order, and the level of civility I expect of the modelling community.

Welcome to the "Dewey Collection".

Everything you see below is a result of one man's idea... to create an honest forum for the then-new hobby of building and operating radio-controlled models. He was smart, skilled, and just as human as any of us. His dream eventually saw the publication of over 1,200 various plans in RCM Magazine. Once, I calculated the span and length of each fixed wing aircraft plan to give me an approximate footprint for that plane. Then I summed the areas of all the models together. The resulting area, needed to hold one of each plane without any overlap, was just larger than an American professional football field, including the end-zones.

This thread derives from the "RCM Plans Free!!!!" thread in the Vintage Forum.

I intend this to be a history and a collection of the plans published by the now defunct RCM Magazine. It is a story, and a body of work, that is worth preserving--and was at risk of...Continue Reading