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Posted by FlyinBass | May 14, 2012 @ 04:43 PM | 1,618 Views
I've been out of the RC world for approximately 20+ years now, coming from racing RC trucks & buggies I've always been fascinated by Heli's, unfortunately back then it was far too costly to venture into the air. So time passes, school, job, kids, responsibilities etc, I was finally to the point I could get a "toy". After picking up a Syma S107, I knew at that point I was addicted and longed for more. Owning that for approximately one month I was able to grasp (somewhat) flight characteristics, orientation and depth.

The S107 was a good, inexpensive means to step into this hobby. I then decided to purchase the Double Horse 9100, a 3 channel fixed pitch heli which I flew for just over one week. Although more challenging and maneuverable than the S107, it did not handle wind at all and really didn't have the forward flight speed I had anticipated. After reading on some forums and a little research of reviews I decided to purchase the Double Horse 9116. Once that arrived and I was able to trim it out, I was still unsatisfied with its forward flight capabilities on Low Rates, then I flipped that switch to full rates and fell in love truly with the hobby. I had about one month on the 9116 before the PCB decided to fry itself (literally). After numerous attempts to replace the PCB, swapping out motors, etc. I gave up... (Which saddens me as I had incredible fun with this durable helicopter).

In the time I was waiting for shipments of parts for the 9116, I...Continue Reading