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Posted by mlwartman | May 16, 2012 @ 06:17 PM | 2,496 Views
so, as it the normal for me, my plan changed based on parts availability. i have most of the parts on order, but i think i am going to end up changing some things around before it's all said and done. right now i have a s3003 running my elevators, an s3117 running the rudder. may swap out the 3117 for another 3003, but i want to see how the 3117 does, since you can pretty much fly without a rudder. i picked up a couple cheapo turnigy 9g servos to run the flaps, and have a pair of 3114's for the ailerons. i think i'm going to swing the stronger 3114's in to the flaps and pick up a pair of spektrum a7010 flat servos to run the ailerons. in the end i'll probably run a pair of 20g'ish micros mounted on the tail boom with a7020 digitals on the ailerons and a7010's for flaps, but i'm working with what i have and my budget is flat for a couple months.

for powertrain i got an ntm 3548 900kv 815w motor, a turnigy 85a esc and a flightmax 5000mah 4s 25c lipo. oh and all the related chargers and do-dads. i still have to get a prop, but i think i'm going to be able to go with my original plan of a 3-blade 10-7.

the motor showed up today. i immediately pulled the engine cowl off the raven and started working. i was dismayed off the bat. the 35series ntm motor was just a few mm too wide to fit cleanly. the hole is roughly 36mm, but there was a screw dowel traversing the top of the engine compartment. a 32 series might have fit, but i didn't buy a 32 series. i sighed and put it up...Continue Reading
Posted by mlwartman | May 01, 2012 @ 05:54 PM | 1,994 Views
ever get the feeling something is working against you? i purchased a r617fs rx from vespa here at rcgroups about a week ago. it got here and i was messing around and setting up my servos and generally playing around. dinner time was coming so i packed up all my rc gear and proceeded to take it down to the basement. along the way we had some boxes stacked up waiting to be burned. i bumped into these boxes with my parts bin, and having my hands full, i watched in horror as my t7c went tumbling to the floor. i hurriedly put everything down and checked on my radio. it powered up fine and there were no strange rattling sounds when i moved it around, so i assume everything is kosher, stack it all back up and take it downstairs.

well, today my airframe arrived. 2m FPVRaptor.i ordered from fpvflying on the 25th, so that's not too bad shipping from china. at any rate, i assembled what i needed to assemble and began to plan my equipment layout. i started to layout the aileron servos and figure i better make sure they are setup properly before i glue the servos in place and tape the wires. so i get the radio out, grab the rx battery out of my boys nitro buggy, and start to look for my rx. it should be with everything else. i had it when i was messing around on the dinner table.. so i look and look while i try to remember where it might have went.. then i remembered, with no small amount of horror, my encounter with the pile of boxes... see, we burned those boxes the night before...Continue Reading
Posted by mlwartman | Apr 23, 2012 @ 03:17 PM | 2,246 Views
so, i'm surfing rcgroups, trying to absorb information and possibly find some deals on some equipment i need to pick up, and i'm presented with a site-ad to start my own blog.... a blog eh? will people really want to hear about yet another newbs death-spiral into the obsession that is radio controlled? so i said, why not?

first i'll bring us up to date with a brief overview of my rc history to date. truth is, i don't have any more rc experience than most people getting into the sport. i had countless of the radio shack rc cars when i was a kid. i remember the golden arrow being the cream of the crop in my eyes.

my obsession with flying, however, began at a very young age. as a kid growing up, the only jobs i ever wanted to have involved flying. i wanted to be an air force pilot first... then i figures out that navy pilots have a harder job. sure anybody can land on 1/2mi of paved runway that stays put. it takes some skill to find your ship, then land on 150' of wet, pitching, rolling steel and catch a cable with a hook in the process.

both of these obsessions met one dreary day on a trip to quebec to visit some relatives. we went to a mall in montreal (sp?) that was HUGE (to my eyes... it had 2 floors!). and in this massive shopping complex, was a hobby store. not a store with some hobby stuff, but a true hobby store. i marveled for hours over the radio controlled airplanes and begged my mom constantly for about 3 years for a real radio control airplane. they got me a...Continue Reading