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Posted by Bill9009 | Aug 14, 2013 @ 01:27 AM | 2,030 Views
this is my home made cub, I have always wanted but have never flown a super cub so I built this one. It flies very slow and stable, but it has way too much control through. the elevator and rudder are controlled by pull pull but the ailerons are direct control rod.
Posted by Bill9009 | Aug 14, 2013 @ 12:49 AM | 2,242 Views
this is my field box set up, the black one is for quick runs to the field. contains everything needed for small repairs to the body. I also added a foam protector to keep my remote and charger from bouncing around. The props are held by a rubber band and it can hold up to a 17 in prop roughly.

The green case is for more series repairs involving electrical malfunctions.

and a base piece for the first box in which I store everything else.

The black box is the Bostitch 2 in 1 box.
and the green is a Keter mater pro cantilever organizer 18.
Posted by Bill9009 | Mar 01, 2013 @ 08:26 PM | 2,103 Views
This is my 5 home built planes. Itís almost dun I have 1 flight of 3 minutes on a half charged battery. Itís very maneuverable and can hover but itís a bit under powered though so now Iím looking to make it lighter.
Iím running the turnery 2730-1500kv motor, 4 tower pro 9g servos, thunderbird 9, the dynamic engineering park bec, the ar6400 e, and the3 cell e-flight 450mah battery with a apc 7x6 in prop.
The all up weight is 10 oz
710 mm wing span
740 mm length
Iím now looking to get some 5 gram servos or lighter and seeing how well it will fly on a 2 cell battery.
Posted by Bill9009 | Mar 01, 2013 @ 08:05 PM | 2,002 Views
This is my first plane I built; I built it for a combat event. The plane flew fast but had a wing flexing problem, and was unstable at high speeds. It could high alpha up to 30 to 40 degrees and could turn on a dime, but win hit it would go into a flat spin, I fixed the problem by adding wing lets at 40 degrees which had a side effect of decreasing its maneuverability. The plane was durable, surviving 3 full speed hits and 1 full speed 30 degree down impact with the ground (lost control after the 3rd hit).
I used the hacker a 20 34s, 2 tower pro 9 gram, a 15 amp esc/ bec, 3 cell 800mah “cp pro battery” ,and the ar6400. Constructed out of pink foam.
Posted by Bill9009 | Mar 01, 2013 @ 07:43 PM | 2,045 Views
This is my 2nd home built, itís a roughly built F-4 f wildcat. The plane was stable, maneuverable, but not fast. It used the hacker a 20 34s 3 tower pro 9 gram servos and 15 amp esc/bec and the ar 6100 e. I used fan fold pink foam for construction and weighed 8 oz. I built the plane using cross sections to support a paper skin and a hollow wing supported with carbon fiber, also I used carbon fiber pushrods.
The battery was the E-flight 3cell 800 mah "cp pro battery", and the 3 cell 450mah 25 c.
With the 450, the plane was fast and could climb well, but with the 800 it flew heavy.
I bought all the parts except the foam from fancy foam.

This is the deconstruction, i crashed in heavy wind.
Posted by Bill9009 | May 31, 2012 @ 11:03 PM | 2,036 Views
This is a paint scheme I’ve been planning for a fancy foam Mx2 I am ordering I was wondering what you guys think and any suggestions or tips would help.
This is simply a rough design I made for real flight to see how well it would contrast to the flying area during flight.
The colors are a tad bit off for what I have planned.
Im not sure on what to put on the sides, i was thinking a slogan or two, and the bottem will have the words fight back.