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Posted by Pilot420 | Apr 27, 2012 @ 03:08 PM | 3,045 Views
There are a few posts, but for my own future reference.

This is a dx8 with a wifi booster. Telemetry working

There is another post I have come across on RCGROUPS on doing the booster to a dx7. The dx8 is even easier than the 7 to boost https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...25&postcount=1 I think it is the best way for non fpv for range insurance.

The dx8 is decent stock, to avoid failure be aware of your to antenna placement. Pointing it directly at the plane results in weaker signal.
I wonder if a convex deflection plate between hands and antenna would benefit signal range.

Dx8 wifi booster mod is actually really simple. Simple Short form


Open case unplug antenna wire and coil it up tuck it away in the case. (or remove)

Drill new hole and jb weld the larger male connector into the back or top side. (I suggest this for re sale if u decide to in the future.) you then have a stock antenna available if you sell, with a booster port as an added feature.)

Add a 6v ubec, and find the main switched power source, or if your really good, find a 6v internal main switched source. Or ubec direct to the battery, just make sure the booster is on before the radio, or your dx8 is a paper weight.

suggested is switched power ( if someone knows the location post it please)

Mount & connect leads and your boosted. This is just the simple quick post. There are more detailed with pictures.


I am defiantly boosting mine