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Posted by Artemetra | Sep 07, 2006 @ 11:38 PM | 13,540 Views
Get this game here: - game

It is a nicely-done game from a genius programmer. No nag screen, and the guy is long gone from the scene. So it's just a game to play.

Post your high scores. My highest is 394,840. I have no idea if that's good or bad, although it will take anyone who has never played the game about 2-3 hours minimum playing to get anywhere near it, probably more like 10-20 hours?

From the L.U.P. thread: I need playing tips. Post a screenshot of your score, first guy to beat me wins a (brushed motor) ESC and motor. But you have to post tips on how you did it.

-Shoot fast moving asteroids as a priority.
-Don't be too quick to shoot all the asteroids in a level, and don't leave just one. Packages don't come if there's only one asteroid. I think. Correction - they can appear with only one asteroid. I just had it happen. Packages or gifts come floating in from the top, you can get a Fast Shooter, Brakes, Time Bomb, Extra Life, Shields replenish, Renew, just nothing, and the holy grail, the Triple Shooter. Triple Shooter combined with Fast Shooter and a Renew means death to asteroids, it's the way to get a high score. Frustrating that it's a chance game to get these lined up. One more thing - after shooting the last asteroid, get in the habit of flying upward, occasionally you'll snag a late arriving package before the end of the level.
-It doesn't pay to hunt aliens, just play.
-Switch L and M keys, so you shoot with L and fly with M. It works better for me at least.
-Learn to fly, it doesn't pay to just hang in the center. Then you have to learn to get back to center and stay there...
Posted by Artemetra | Aug 12, 2006 @ 06:55 PM | 6,264 Views
If nothing else, you'll groove to the tune! Mishaps and tree catches!
Posted by Artemetra | May 12, 2006 @ 06:03 PM | 6,806 Views
Eco 8 pics for the blog. Specs:

Eco 8 setup: 3/1/06
Aluminum: frame, head, swash, mixer, tailboom brackets, TR servo brackets, main crutch bracket, flybar grips, AR Bearing, bearing cup, stiffener
All hardened shafts
Carbon TR pushrod, battery hanger
Raptor 30 hardened flybar, KSJ Yellow paddles
Thrust bearings on spindle, double bearing setup on TR
Ikarus carbon fiber main blades
Motor - Kontronik Fun600-17, 15-tooth pinion
ESC - Castle Phoenix 60
Ultimate BEC
Gyro - GY401, TR servo - Futaba S9254
Swash servos - Futaba 3 X S3102
Receiver - Futaba FP-R138DP PCM 7 channel
PolyQuest 3700mAh "Twenty", & 12-cell 3300 mAh GP pack
1624.2 g or 57.29 oz. (3.58lbs.) AUW

Posted by Artemetra | May 11, 2006 @ 11:17 AM | 7,549 Views
May 2004 edition of The Ampeer, club publication of Electric Flyers Only, Inc.
AMA Charter 2354, Croswell, MI, USA

Thanks to Ken Myers. Contains info about losses/resistance of various connector types, Anderson/Sermos, Dean's Ultras, bullet connectors, etc.