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Posted by unfaix | Sep 10, 2012 @ 10:11 AM | 36,143 Views
I've been flying at night ever since I got some led installed.

It's more challenging than I though; cannot see the damn trees!!

I've finally strapped a gopro to my head and made a recording of it.

Spotted UFO!!! OMG (4 min 48 sec)


+ Hoverthings FPV frame,

+ 910kv 3xxx series motor,

+ Turnigy 30a esc,

+ 11 x 4.7 (totally smacked the garage flying low, agressively fast, at night, around trees [soo responsive with 9 inch prop!!!]
You still need room to make corrections no matter how responsive itis )

+ NAZE32 Flight controller made my timecop from abusemark, the one with all the sensors.

+ Default settings from the latest baseflight, seriously!!