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Posted by 3DNinja | Apr 17, 2012 @ 03:16 PM | 2,109 Views
Ok, so there I am every night laying in bed with the thoughts of rolling harriers in my head. I start rolling left and in a nice big circle around the field to the right then switching roll directions and blipping the throttle just enough to keep the wings brushing the grass and chasing the rise and fall of the land. There is just something harmonious about a smoooooooth flawless rolling harrier. As I approach where I am standing, I push up from inverted scraping the tail on the ground kickin up grass onto my bare feet and into a hover. Occasionally blipping the throttle and bouncing the tail on the ground. I dont dare touch the ailerons for fear of breaking the peace as the plane begins to torque roll to the left. Around and around again as i watch the green grass ripple beneith her tail feathers and surrounded by the exhaust and smell of nitro. I am Haunted by 3D.