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Posted by N8LBV | Jun 05, 2012 @ 04:44 PM | 7,489 Views
Part 1:
Well I just started trying inverted flight for the first time and crashed in the grass
& popped one link off & simply snapped it back on.
Killed the throttle on during crash so it crashed hard in the grass under power but did not sit there under power after crashing.
Ever since the crash I now have very little tail motor power.
This is NOT what I expected from crashing!
I thought I'd be replacing broken links blades shafts etc.. once I started trying
things & crashing in the grass, not losing my tail motor or 3-in-1 board ($70)
on my FIRST real crash in the grass!

Is this normal? How long do these motors usually last? and how do they handle
thumping into the grass?
I've got about 7 hours of good flight time on my MCPX V2.

Anyone else lose your tail motor or have it suddenly become weak?
How many flight hours should you get out of he stock motor?
And what kind of crashing or impact usually destroys it for you?

I'm not ready to go brushless, so far I've been very happy with the stock performance for now it will be awhile before I outgrow it.

I'll be extrememely upset if the problem is a blown part on the 3-in-1 board..
They're really expensive.

Motor seems to have just suddenly dropped in power at around 1/4th it's original
torque level..

I can still hover but have to give the tail lots of of right stick to keep it from spinning.
It will not climb out withot spinning violently due to lack of motor power.
blade is NOT...Continue Reading
Posted by N8LBV | Jun 03, 2012 @ 07:52 PM | 6,754 Views
The usual around here.
Always windy.
MCPX V2 in 20+ Mph gusts. (1 min 25 sec)

Posted by N8LBV | May 30, 2012 @ 08:48 PM | 7,498 Views
Okay I feel like an idiot.
I am building up a custom 450 helicopter from parts, mostly Esky Belt CP V2.
I've decided to use an Orange RX (very inexpensive) I've already range tested it
and it is excellent for the need and have studied how well others have done with these on helicopters and non- long range applications.

What I didn't realize is that even though the RX (either Orange) or the actual Spektrum receivers are rated to run on up to 9.6Volts, the servos you generally hook up to them ARE NOT!

I also assumed that even if you were running an RX at 9.6V that it would properly
power the servos at their required voltage range *WRONG*!

I'm not really sure why these recievers are rated to run at 9.6V if you can't practically hook up the servos to them.. unless maybe they make servos designed to work at higher voltages, all the ones I've encountered and used are ~5V.

I had been previously testing binding and range testing the receivers both the Orange knock-offs and actual Spektrum parkflyers right off of a 2cell (2s) *not sure what "s" means I'll have to look it up later.. 2 section vs. 2 cell?
And they have been working fine at 7.4V for testing purposes which is quite lower
than the rated 9.6V.

What I found out today while testing some Esky EK2-0508 Digital servos is that
They chatter terribly as if getting some kind of analog feedback to themselves
and get very warm quickly while plugged into an RX that is being powered directly from a 7.4V...Continue Reading
Posted by N8LBV | May 22, 2012 @ 07:48 PM | 6,530 Views
Got my MCPx V2 last night!
Got over an hour of flight time on it already today with most of it in 10-15Mph gusty wind.


It's pretty awesome I can fly it without crashing (unlike the CB180d) nose in, all the usual stuff except inverted.. not tried that yet and I'm not all that good at it on the sims.
I can do it on the sims but it's rough and all orientations/recoveries are not automatic for me yet. Inverted flight (all orientations) is yet another new language I need to learn.
There's a lot more to it than just flipping the heli over and then back upright :-)

MCPX is really really cool though, not perfect but really really cool.
I notice the power dropping at about 2 minutes and then you get another 2 minutes at 75%
power with the stock 200mAh cells that came with it (3).
We all know already you can't climb out at full power without tail failing to keep up.

I'm a little iffy about that computer doing so much work.. it's a little easier to fly that I expected.. the computer does a TON work automatically that makes flying in the wind easier. ( I know I'm not this awesome at flying).
I kind of would like to be a little more hands on with that with a switch or something to tone it's correction down a smidge.

But it beats crashing and having to wait WEEKS for calm days to fly the CB180D or coaxial out there.

I think the charger LED indications are humourous..
1. Charge rate selected
2. Single light blinking (...Continue Reading
Posted by N8LBV | May 21, 2012 @ 12:06 PM | 5,367 Views
Okay that was dumb..
Lately I've been flying my modified Esky Hunter Coaxial 100-200FT ABOVE our office!
This nice calm morning today I pushed it between 200-300 and caught
some wind up there and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it back.
It was nearly out of view at this point and for awhile I was confident I could get it back but just kept getting further & furhter away and I couldn't keep the nose (with a very bright white twin LED array) pointed back at me.
Finally went completely out of view between 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.
Estimated it came down over a very thick forest, and 1 hour on foot and twitching the cyclic hoping I'd hear it somwhere or spot the very bright LED array laying in the brush.
It's just a $70 Esky Hunter but it was my first helicopter ever and was a gift..
I've been flying it now&then for over 3 years.

So Sad!
Posted by N8LBV | May 14, 2012 @ 06:30 PM | 4,566 Views
Yep it does indeed fly..
Works well too..
Not happy with my idle-up (it's not working as needed yet)..
But I did put my own basic curves in that *work* just that I'm not going to fly it there yet.

Started off with WAY too much head speed (normal mode) but I sorta programmed that back to give me more pitch at normal throttle.
I's really cool to have this kind of control.. I'll eventually figure out what's right for me, the weather and the helicopter granted I don't destroy it first!

Had to reverse the rudder and the aileron servos in propgramming but it was so incredibly obvious what was needed and easy to program.

I'll get back to that idle-up programing curve soon.. .. or later..

Flew it in normal mdoe but at super high head speed ealrier today..
Very uncomfortable! and jumps around quickly.
I programmed the pitch to give me some blades at lower RPM sorta like the stock ESKY TX was set for in normal mode.

Has a nice close-in flight as usual once I got that setup.
Posted by N8LBV | May 12, 2012 @ 10:44 PM | 4,186 Views
I bought a little $19 AR6100e reciever just so I'd have -something- to test my new DX6i with.
A little somthing to play with and get used to playing around with the menus in the DX6i.
Original plans were to eventually throw the AR6100e into another cheap 450 helicopter.

Couldn't help myself.. tore the completely working Belt CP V2 RX out of it and
installed the AR6100e and set it all up with my helicopter and DX6i.

All set!! BeltCP V2 is now all stock except for the RX and TX :-)

It now throttles up at 1/4 stick instead of 1/2 stick in normal mode I like that.
Idle-up is set so I can switch between idle-up and normal without the
Helicopter jumping up 30 FT in the air! Or 'saving it from falling when turned on.

Maybe this new setup will get me a little more flying time before I crash it.
The rates & expos may come in handy form my intro to nose-in wind surfing with it.
Posted by N8LBV | May 11, 2012 @ 08:08 PM | 4,258 Views
Today was my second day of trying a little 'open field' flying..
Well not really all that open but much more open than what I'm used to.
These are the first two times I've tried other than very close hovering
and side to side flights up close.
I've got pretty confident with the close in stuff but need to be able to do
all of the close in stuff nose-in in the wind as well.
A project I am avoiding as it will surely bring me some crashes.
I've been opting to keep it in the air versus having nothing to fly.
Anyhow this new test field isn't huge but it's big.
Big enough for me to quickly get my Belt CP V2 uncomfortably far away from me.
Very quickly as soon as I start messing with idle-up. :-)
I almost lost my Heli twice in today's flight.

On the bright side it got so far away it looked hopeless and I actually had
no other option but to point the nose back at me and fly it back.
The good news is I got it back just fine but when I turned it back around I was way up in the air again :-) URGH!

But it was closer and I was able to get it back safely.
Shaking the whole time... (how embarassing) I had a buddy with me to watch,
maybe just a little added pressure to succeed but I don't think so, I think losing the helicopter is pressure enough.
The nose-in flight seemed to go just fine and came natural although I had to force myself to execute the manuever only once I had to.
The bad was my nerves.. I was so far out of my comfort zone it was obvious
I shouldn't be flying.

Set it down nicely and called it a day.
Posted by N8LBV | May 09, 2012 @ 06:31 PM | 4,153 Views
Well I'm at the point where I'm being forced to fly it nose-in.
I've avoided it for awhile because I don't want to crash of course.
I can do it just fine in the sim and on my 'stabler' Coaxial and 45 flybar'd fixed pitch

But.. I'm quickly discovering it's just not practical (or safe) to fly it out any distance and then freaking 'reel' it back in tail first.
It really needs to be turned around and flown back period.

Flew it nose-in today for a bit and got hit with a 25MPh gust..
I spun it around to deal with the gust..
Call it wussy but I didn't crash and at least I seem to have a bailout mode when things are'nt feeling right :-) and I didn't crash it.

I've been taking this pretty slow (but not nearly as slow as the RADD) stuff and so far no crashes.

Doing a lot of practice on the simulators.
Posted by N8LBV | Apr 19, 2012 @ 04:28 PM | 3,932 Views
Okay so I’ve been totally white knuckling it with my Esky Belt CP V2 out in the parking lot
now for the past 4 days doing about 20-30 minutes of flight time per day all in
average 7-10 Mph winds with gusts up to 15-17.

A lot of basic hovering and ‘wind surfing’ keeping it steady or as steady as possible as
The wind comes & goes, sometimes a bit violently.

Also ‘walking the dog’ as I call it as I walk the perimeter of the very large parking lot keeping it steady
in front of me as I walk in large clockwise and then counter clockwise patterns just getting used to slow
turns also making sure I get to catch the wind gusts from all sides  while still comfy and tail in… easy peasy.

Also taking it up 10 feet off the ground often to make sure I’m getting the full experience and not always doing everything in ground effect or partial ground effect circumstances.

The wind surfing seems a *little* more difficult at 10FT than down next to the ground but it may just be
p(y)ucker factor, as there’s considerably less safety margin @10 ft. off the deck.

I took some time today to read all about head-holding and yaw rate gyros, (something I’ve had on my list to do for weeks.
Armed with new head spices I did an investigation and some checking into my own gyro settings.

Over these past 4 days I’ve continuously noticed that I’ve had to work the heck out of the tail and manually fight lots of...Continue Reading
Posted by N8LBV | Apr 16, 2012 @ 08:31 PM | 3,537 Views
Just wanted to say hi and thanks for ALL of the great help I've recieved from
fellow members on RCG in the very short time I've been here.

I got a coaxial (Esky Hunter), that I requested as a gift 3 years ago for helping a family member completely redo and fix their computer.

At the time I was not willing to accept the usual $300 cash that I charge to do such an awesome job, but I was willing to accept an RC Helicopter as a gift.

Found the Hunter for $75 US out the door and pointed this out to my sister.
I also included the USB training kit with FMS and the bright orange ping-pong balls training gear extension set (which I still use on my Belt CP V2).

I found the Hunter really interesting before getting it because..
1. NightFlyer on Youtube had a nice 10 minute intro video to it
(this was the first time I ever heard of NF).
2. I am a digital spread spectrum radio specialist and was very interested in
playing with/hacking the Esky Hunter 2.4GHz radio system as well.

I've busted up the Hunter and completely rebuilt it 3 times now..
The first time I put it away for almost two years as I was very discouraged
by a BAD experience with XHeli and after investing 16 hours of my time trying to
get them to ship me the correct replacement parts that I paid for I finally gave up and put the whole thing away.

2 years later I decided to contact xheli again and tell them my story from 2 years previous..
Guess I got lucky, someone there (Danny)...Continue Reading