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Posted by Vortex000111 | Oct 25, 2016 @ 04:25 AM | 1,103 Views
So a solid 4 years since the last blog post:

In that time lots has changed, i almost exclusively fly in FPV now, the immersion and fun from that just can't be rivaled by LoS flying. IO still do fly LoS with planes but its a rare occasion.

my 'bird' of choice is now a X210 frame mini racing quad built up with cobra 2204 motors, LB20a esc, Kiss FC and other extraneous hardware.

I'm starting to get into the local race scene with the aim to get better at racing, win some stuff and maybe qualify for nationals in the next year or two, i feel comfortable with the quad so its just a matter of time with it practicing to get faster and smoother. I play around a bit with freestyle and would love to get better but again its a time thing.

Time is something i dont have a lot of actually because im at uni and that sucks up teh vast majority of the time i ave durrng semester whether im at uni or not.

I'm trying to help setup an FPV club at uni with a whole bunch of other guys, its going well so far so we have big hopes for it.

Lastly, I've just started up a youtube channel, Nanyk FPV, to keep track of my flying, im not trying to be super famous like Charpu or Mr Steele, i just want to keep a record of my flying in a place where i can look at it and see my progress or share good flights and experiences as i have them. So feel free to check it out but it won't be anything special for a while until theres plenty of stuff up there.

so that's it really, hopefully i can keep this updated more in the future.
Posted by Vortex000111 | Oct 24, 2012 @ 08:02 PM | 2,873 Views
Hello all, thought i would try out the blog function for the first time.

some background, I fly a Parkzone radian, and drive an Axial Wraith, I am learning how to thermal with my radian at present and am having limited success but have high hopes for the future. The Wraith is for when it is too windy to fly.

Recently pushed myself to fly in condition that were previously too windy to even consider flying and really enjoyed the challenge.

thanks, hopefully this works,