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Posted by cyklopz | Aug 09, 2014 @ 06:45 PM | 3,654 Views
protection hood for Mobius wide angle lens V0.1
(STL file uses mm as unit)

it's a clone of the FPVguy mobius lens saver or protector available on shapeways. This hasn't been tested yet, no gaurantee that it fits. It should be able to be made with FDM printing.
If it works, send me a picture!
Posted by cyklopz | Feb 09, 2013 @ 07:27 PM | 2,948 Views
I needed an easy way to charge many 1s cells simultaneously. Most people do this by parallel charging with a harness 4mm Banana plug to 6 x Female JST Connectors in parallel, but parallel charging has major (safety) disadvantages:
*If one of the cells is at a different state or damaged, there will be a large equalization current flow which could damage battery or cables
*The charger will have to have adequate current rating
*The charger can't do a basic circuit check and monitor individual cells during or before a parallel charge. If you do a series balance charge, then these checks are done for you (your charger will give an error feedback if one of the cells are not connected)

I found a helpful thread Balance charging 6 1S lipo batteries at once but decided to do it slightly differently, using my twin charge lead (which I use all the time for parallel charging two 3s batteries). I number the 1s cells and I discharge them in that order, so that they will be discharged the same number of times. This way if one cell goes bad, I know it is not because I have been using it more than the other ones.

Charging parameters when charging six 1s in series:
-Set the charger to balance mode for a 6s cell. If the wiring is correct the charger will automatically detect a 6s battery
-Set the balance charge rate to 0,8A - donít use more current than the JST XH balancer plugs are rated for (0,8A). (For parallel charging you would have to use six times that current)

I balance charge six 35C rated nano-tech 1s 600mAh this way. It is the easiest, safest way to do it.

Below a list of the items used, and some useful pictures.
Bill of Materials:
1. Charger (anything that has a 6S balancer output)
2. Charge Cable w/ Male XT60 <-> 4mm Banana plug
3. Twin pack charge lead (2 x 3S)6S w/ XT60
4. Female JST battery pigtail 12cm length (10pcs/bag)
5. JST-XH 3S Wire Extension 20cm (10pcs/bag)
6. JST-XH Wire Extension 6S 20cm (10pcs/bag)
7. LiPo fire protection bag always use it!
Posted by cyklopz | Nov 25, 2012 @ 03:59 PM | 2,515 Views
This was meant to be a gentle maiden. I couldn't get any further doing calibration without props, so maiden it was.
The quad was still on the ground on the street in a residential area, and I was trying to invert the elerons on the rc-control - whoops I inverted the throttle instead.
It shot off straight away (yep, it wasn't under powered). I immediately brought it down in an inverted controlled crash from about 20 meters before it vectored off into someoneís property never to be seen again.

Lessons learned:
1. set up the quad and rc with stubbed quads or some sort of handicap, so the quad doesn't launch into low earth orbit.
2. do some (more) simulator training with inverted elerons and inverted throttle
3. fly at non-populated area, this is a X550 class and not a ladybird, lucky that nobody got hurt!

1x KDA20-26M $12
4x 8"x4.5 Propeller $4
1x maiden pride $999