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Posted by eolson | Sep 01, 2012 @ 10:38 PM | 4,079 Views
So I broke down and purchased a Blade SR. This was one of those buys that presented itself and I couldn't say no. In the end, I probably should have said no and waited to do my research, but in time I'm sure I will be able to fly this thing, at least around in circles in front of me.
To date I have gone through four tail motors, which isn't a surprise apparently with the SR. The fourth one has lasted me the longest, a whole day in fact, but I have another on order just in case. This was also my first exposure to tinning/soldering. I had to buy a soldering iron and replace the motor myself. I do wonder if the second and third motor failures were a direct result of soldering techniques.
I just have to say to myself that if I'm gonna stick with this particular heli, a constant supply of tail motors will be needed. Once I relegated myself to that idea, the next hurdle was lifting off and hovering. I have found that a definite right cyclic at lift off and a quick hop off the ground are what's needed. Once there, I have found myself chasing the heli around a bit, but can often times find that sweet spot and stay there for a bit.
I have not purposefully tried forward flight, other than the over corrections I tend to make sometimes. For sure I've had my fair share of throttle cuts.
I have only been using about .3 volts of power from the battery before I yank it out and let her rest. I'm hoping this will help the brushes seat better, by limiting flights to small spurts of time. In between flights I place the tail motor in front of a small fan to help cool it down quicker.
So for now, I am training with the SR and about to rebuild the CX2 for my son to start flying.