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Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Jun 19, 2012 @ 06:00 AM | 15,185 Views
So i was working on my helicopter on the bench one day with the TX in my lap and it slid off and broke the throttle hold switch. No way was I going to waste hours of my life trying to contact Walkera about it. I would have had much better luck calling Wow hobbies. Since my Dad and his father used to own a Radio Shack franchise with a electronics repair shop in the back. I decided to just take matters into my own hands. This should be child's play, IF i can find a toggle switch small enough to fit! So i took a trip to my local shack.
Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Jun 19, 2012 @ 05:04 AM | 13,942 Views
Well. I've been holding back on releasing pictures or video of this very nice, very cool little project I've been working on. The helicopter has evolved past what i am currently releasing. But, none the less. Here is where i started:

The "4F200SD5"

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Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Jun 17, 2012 @ 11:19 PM | 20,922 Views
Ok, I am starting this build log to start getting some of my D05 info and pictures together. Since i didn't take that many pics when i did the initial upgrade to the D02S parts I will touch on it some here where I had to change out the heli's air frame because i broke the RX shelf off. There will also be a modification to strengthen the air frame as well as some other tips and tricks.

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Topics covered in this log so far:

V120D05CS-PRO Air Frame Durability upgrade.

V120D05CS-PRO Landing Skid Upgrade

V120D05 Extreme tail fin set

V120D05CS-XTR Extreme Spin 16,300kv Motor Upgrade

0.032 Aluminum Stock/wire Sheer pin

Sheer Pin - 22 AWG Copper solid conductor

V120D05CS08-Pro - HP08-S 16,500kv Motor Upgrade

Latest Flight videos - 01-28-13

Upgrade to 3S (Basic version with Xtreme skids)

V120 3S battery mounting with Xtreme skids

D05 Custom upgrade (silver) tail boom

Crash repair - Main gear hub & front RX tray frame

V120 CF upgrade airframe add on

M120D01 Skids - Weight Shaving

Mounting GY280 and Talon 15 in V120 upgrade frame

3S CF Battery Tray Mod for V120 upgrade frame

Lynx fiberglass Goblin style canopy on V120

Xtreme 130X Canopy post mod for V120 series

V120D05 Main rotor and shaft upgrade to D02S parts:

These are all parts off of the v120d02S model heli used for this upgrade to CS-PRO.

HM-V120D02S-Z-26: Receiver (RX2622V - Compatible with WK Series Radio )

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Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Jun 16, 2012 @ 10:09 PM | 45,651 Views
V120D02S Modifications, Upgrades, custom parts, builds

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#1 - Index - First page of this build log:

#2 - BenMLee / Microline Hobbies Slipper clutch install/review

#3 - Bob's Slipper Clutch Install/ Review

#4 - KDBB 130X Main Blades = Upgrade

#5 - V120D02S - Xtreme Skids & tail Fin Weight Shaving

#6 - invert tail boom (by iflyrvs1)

#7 - Sheer Pin - 22 AWG Copper solid conductor

#8 - Metal Canopy Pin Upgrade & Semi-Servo Saver Mod

#9 - Servo gear Replacement/ Repair

#10 - Bearing care and maintenance

#11 - Upgrade to 3S (Basic version with Xtreme skids)

#12 - V120 3S battery mounting with Xtreme skids

#13 - Custom Talon 15 ESC - Adjustable BEC Voltage - for 2S & 3S custom build projects and the various different servos used.

#14 - Custom foam mounting tray for stock RX/gyro


#1 - Walkera V120D02S V2 Review - Pictures, Videos, Flight Times, Thrust, TA 915 Motor (by Tom Z)

#2 - Turbo Ace 915 with the XP-15A-2 ESC Review and KDBB Blades Review (by Tom Z)

More to come later. I'm just getting started with some of the data i've posted already in the V120 thread. I simply moved it here. There will be more to come including info on sheer pins, servo gear repair/replacement, canopy mounting, and more. I would also like to collect all of the files and documents pertaining to printing your own canopies and get them all together here, or somewhere else i can link to.

The images and information found in this build log is that of my own experience. It should be used as a reference point only. You should check your work carefully and against other sources for accuracy. In other words do your own research. Also, you should always use proper safety procedures. I will not be responsible if you experience any damages or injury by following this information.
Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Jun 12, 2012 @ 04:26 AM | 12,378 Views
450 class servos, specifications and dementions.

RJX FS-0435HV Micro Servo

Dimensions(mm): 23 X 12.6 X 27.2
Operation Voltage : 6-7.4V
Weight : 20g (0.71oz)

Torque :
2.2 (kg/cm)@4.8V
2.8 (kg/cm)@6V
3.4 (kg/cm)@7.4V

Speed :
0.04 (sec/60 )@7.4V
0.05 (sec/60 )@6V
0.06 (sec/60 )@4.8V

Frequency / Pulse : 1520us/333hz
Gear Type : Titanium Gears
Motor Type : Coreless Motor

Savox 0257MG:

Dimensions(mm): 22.8X12.0X25.4
Weight(g): 14.0

Speed(@4.8V sec/60): .13
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .09

Torque(@4.8V oz-in): 25.0
Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 30.6

Gear: Metal
Bearing: 1BB
Case: Aluminum
21 Tooth Spline

Align DS410M:

Dimensions(mm): 23.6 X 12.4 X 26.4 mm
Weight: 0.47 oz (13.3 g)

Torque: 4.8V: 25.0 oz-in (1.80 kg-cm)
6.0V: 30.6 oz-in (2.20 kg-cm)

Speed: 4.8V: 0.13 sec/60
6.0V: 0.09 sec/60

Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Metal
Band: 1520μs standard band
Rating voltage: DC 4.8-6.0V

Align DS415M:

Dimensions(mm): 22.9 X 12 X 25.8
Weight: 13.9g

@ 4.8V: 27.77 oz-in (2.0
@ 6.0V: 33.39 oz-in (2.4

@ 4.8V: 0.1sec/60
@ 6.0V: 0.08sec/60

Rating voltage: DC 4.8-6.0V
Temperature range: -20C~+60C
Band: 1520μs standard band

Hitec HS-5065MG

Dimensions(mm) 23.6 X 11.6 X 24
Weight: 11.9g (0.42oz)

Speed: @ 4.8V: 0.14sec/60
Speed: @ 6V: 0.11 sec/60

Torque: @ 4.8V: 1.8 kg-cm (24.99 oz-in)
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