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Posted by joyanan | May 28, 2012 @ 06:15 AM | 3,073 Views
Electric RC Models were looked upon as mere toys in the past. But now a RC model powered by light weight energy dense Lipo batteries along with powerful efficient brushless motors can now run neck-to-neck with their glow powered cousins when it comes to power and longevity.

Choosing an RC electric motor for your RC Models isn't quite as straight forward as ordering the recommended size glow engine. All the different brands, sizes, and specifications can make choosing a motor quite intimidating if you're new to the hobby.

Understanding the basic fundamentals outlined here is essential for choosing a suitable motor for your models. the more experience you have tinkering with different setups, the more confident you will be when choosing RC electric motors for different types and sizes of RC airplanes...Now just go and learn here

Motor Specifications
When shopping for RC electric motors, you will need to understand what the following specifications mean.

Voltage Constant
Kv is the "Voltage Constant". This is how many RPM's the motor turns for each volt applied. Actually, it's a tad less because motors aren't 100% efficient.
For example, if you apply 12volts to a 200Kv motor, it will turn at just under (12 x 200) 2400 RPM's.

Torque Constant
Kt is the "Torque Constant". For all motors, Kt= 1355/Kv. You'll have to ask someone smarter than me where the 1355 comes from, cause I don't have a clue! Just accept it for what it is.
In a nut shell,...Continue Reading
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Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Converted to Electric Airplane, yet the best Conversion component now Exclusive Sale on

Application Fields:
Special made for 30-35CC gasoline airplane converted to electric airplane.
3inch spinner are designed for the general 30-35CC airplanes.

Basic Equipment for the Conversion Combo Kit:
* Motor: 6350 370KV Brushless motor
* ESC: Brushless 100A (without UBEC output)
* Spinner: Carbon Fiber Spinner 3inch, 1pcs
* Electric Prop: Wood propeller 20*8 inch
*Servo: Digital Servo 60g/9Kg Torque* 3pcs,
Digital Servo 25g/4Kg Torque * 2pcs, (for elevator)
* Servo Arm: metal arm*5pcs
* One Set Mounting Post for Motor
*One Set Banana Bullet Connector: ¢3.5mm*3 pairs, ¢6mm*2 pairs

Why Converted model with gas engines to electric motors?
*There are a lot more kits designed for gas power than for electric power. Face it!
*Nearly any gas plane can be converted to electric power effectively. That’s Fine!
*There are many pilot have been flying and building radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars for near half life. I have been specifically building and flying electric airplanes for over 10 years. Latest interest, follow it!
*This has been more realistic to do lately because of the huge leap in battery technology and it has been a very fun way to still make balsa kit planes from scratch, but not worry about any gas problems. Trust it!

Here'...Continue Reading
Posted by joyanan | May 15, 2012 @ 03:33 AM | 4,758 Views
RC Eagle Kite is pretty much what it sounds like. That is, a kite shaped like a big eagle fitted with RC (radio control) receiver and pulled through the air with a propeller. In structure, it has a lot in common with kites and yet it is flown around like an RC plane.

Flying objects created from eagle in the past is constructed of carbon fiber has an angle of the wings right to exploit the wind. That is still enjoy an enthusiastic following today, particularly in the U.S. .But today the New Style RC Eagle Kite we recommend is sure the Most Realistic RC Eagle

New Style RC Eagle Kite is just the best expose on Hobby Expo China 2012, and well, my first reaction to this flying object is “That really looks like fun”

So what exactly can an RC kite do? It can...

*Float around like a glider, with the motor idling
*Perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers like a light aircraft
*Hang on the prop' in hovering or very slow flight, nose high in the air
*Zip around pylons like the Red Bull racers
*I should add, only a well-trained pilot can do all the above!

Here is a few basic specs &Features of this New Style RC Eagle Kite:

*Wingspan: 2060mm
*Length: 740mm
* Wing area: 93d㎡
*Flying weight: Approximately 645g
* Control distance: 500m-800m
* Fuselage & wings: Bamboo wood & Textile

*Nice appearance. High scale appearance and beautiful painting, Most Realistic RC eagle!
*Environment friendly material and Durable, lighter structure.
* Wings and Motor mount is removable and foldable, Very convenient to carry.
* Easy to control and fly, Easy to learn and control
*Excellent gliding performance
Particularly suitable for flying at the hill, grassland, field and park etc…

The New Style RC Eagle Kite is NOW available and on sale at SDSHOBBY for the most low price. (ARF for us$ 125.83; RTR for us$ 166.67, hand throttle are optional), it is sure this Most Realistic RC eagle kite will spread a lot of pleasure to both the fliers and those looking on.
Posted by joyanan | May 07, 2012 @ 05:55 AM | 3,208 Views
The biggest full moon of the year,a so-called “Supermoon“ on Saturday has come and gone. There are many people noticed they had missed seeing the dazzling lunar. Some people were too busy indoors to see the Supermoon, and in some areas, weather got in the way. Some people were happened to outdoors and noticed the moon are super full, but there is no a camera or telescope available. But there are still many skywatcher enthusiasts snapped the best moment of the Supermoon via their telescope, and now those photos are coming into force by people from different areas. No matter which part of the planet the photos came from, they look pretty dramatic. Below are just some of my collection photos from friends and some are really shock

Below is the HOT Skywatcher must-have Astronomical Telescopes, they are on sale by SDS Hobby:

Skywatcher High Configuration 7-21mm Eyepiece Erect Image 80400 Electric Auto Track Astronomical Telescope Birdwatching View

Skywatcher Electric Auto Tracking 70900 Electric Astronomical Telescopes

New Style Sky-watcher BK1021EQ3-D Single Tube High Magnification Astronomical Telescope

Posted by joyanan | May 04, 2012 @ 06:03 AM | 5,224 Views
Newsletter of SDSHobby this week is a RC Feast of BMW M3,Saleen S7, Mini cooper, Ford GT, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1,12 pcs Firelap 1/28 scale Electric Car RTR;. In 1:28 RC model field, except KYOSHO in Japan, Firelap is the best.

Firelap 1/28 4WD Racing Cars:

Firelap 1/28 RC BMW M3
Firelap 1/28 RC Saleen S7
Firelap 1/28 RC Mini cooper
Firelap 1/28 RC Ford GT
Firelap 1/28 RC Ferrari Enzo
Firelap 1/28 RC McClaren F1

*Control distance: 150-250metres
*Speed: 5 meters per second
*2.4GHz transmitter (fully equipped for the intensity of competitive racing)
*Functions: forward, backward, turn left/right, drifting.
*Rich in upgrade parts, compatible with kyosho Miniz AWD
*Chassis color optional: yellow, red, white, black, blue (send it out at random)
*Transmitter color optional too,
*Gift upgrade accessories(free): One crash cushion, 4pcs drift tires/4pcs racing tires, three gears, one axle

New Arrival Electric Car RTR with fine exquisite outward appearance, all this rc cars with CE-, Rohs-certified, and now in stock, price is very low.It is sure the new best deal.
Posted by joyanan | Apr 25, 2012 @ 05:44 AM | 3,569 Views
There are many types of RC airplanes available,find out what interests you the most is not a easy job. As a professional RC hobby wholesaler, SDSHobby always supply popular top-level RC airplanes since years of 2007, and today we recommend Extra Electric EPP Aerobatics 3D Airplanes Kit, which is most in type airplane during years of 2012, and that is also the desired type from our customers.

EPP- -Lightweight, Resistant and Cheap
The product is mainly made of EPP material (EPP is more resistant to solvent than is EPS (Styrofoam, depron, fanffold, bluecor)), light-weight and resistant. Due to this special material, serious demage would not be caused by slight faulty operation. The revolutionary design adds to the structural intensity and the rigidity of the airframe which is even made of EPP material, while ensuring the flight more stable and easier controlled. Light-weight design provides optimal Wing loading while ensuring the permanently strength of the craft. This characteristic contributes to the perfect flying performance

3D &Aerobatics -- Perform Specific Aerial Maneuvers
Extra Aircraft is well known for it can perform 3D maneuvers, for this EPP Aerobatics 3D Airplanes, the composition and the proportion are well matched to provide excellent flying characteristics, while still allowing for precision aerobatic performance and 3D maneuverability. Simple design allows for easy access and installation. And all necessary accessories are provided in the...Continue Reading
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The Night Flying Accessories for your RC model,yeah,it is the LED Light Belt,All LEDs have Self-Adhesive Patch, so no need other tools to be fixed, absolutely convenient. The light belt can be used on various items as you like, such as aircraft, helicopter, boats, cars and so on.

Type I:LED Night Light Belt

Extremely light weight, weighted only 9g per meter
no interference with other items that may influence it
Working voltage is 7V-15V and the power is less than 4.5W per meter
Every 5cm place with crop marks, the shortest length of usage is 5cm(or you can use this light belt with the length 10cm, 15cm, 20cm,25cm,30cm and so on)
On the back of the light belt, it comes with 8mm adhesive patch, so no need other tools to be fixed on your aircraft, absolutely convenient
60 bulbs per meter, and the width of the light belt is 8mm
Note: The light belts have colors in: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Warm White,check out the your favorite on SDSHobby

Type II:Super Brightness LED Light Belt

Working voltage is DC12V and the power is 12W per meter and the brightness is 900ml per meter and the maximum current for the light belt is 5A per meter
Every 5cm place with crop marks, the shortest length of usage is 5cm(or you can use this light belt with the length 10cm, 15cm, 20cm,25cm,30cm and so on)
On the back of the light belt, it comes with 3M double - sided adhesive, so no need other tools to be fixed, absolutely convenient
60 bulbs...Continue Reading
Posted by joyanan | Apr 20, 2012 @ 01:55 AM | 4,055 Views
To Start a Fun Night Flying, it is important to understand some basic concepts about Night Flying and lighting system for RC Aircraft

RC Night Flying is the act of flying a radio-controlled model airplane at night! I do not know when the practice of night flying began, but I would assume it has been rather recent in the history of model aviation. With advances in technology producing more powerful engines and lighter components, it is now possible for a small aircraft to carry the additional components necessary to illuminate an aircraft in flight. After all, if you can't see it, you can't fly it.Then Turn to the real problem: how to illuminate an aircraft in the dark?

The best way to illuminate an aircraft is to put lights on the aircraft. And in order to do this, one needs a light source and a power source (to power the lights). If your power source is a battery pack, it is not advisable to use the same batteries to power your lights that are being used to power your receiver! This is an accident waiting to happen.

One of the simplest (yet least elegant) solutions is to use LED Light Belt to light up the airplane. This has the advantages of being economical (LED Light Belt are cheap,about 5usd/mtr), Extremely light weight,quick to set up, and they require no power source. Their disadvantages, however, include additional weight to the aircraft, disruption of the airflow over the aircraft surfaces (increasing drag and altering flight characteristics), and...Continue Reading
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Hot Genesis Brushless Electric Boat from SDSHobby Including 3674Motor +125A ESC (Item no. BE1122,Only 273.69$)

Genesis Brushless Electric Boat is hot for its extremely solid build for speed and nothing but amazing speed, this is boat no. BE1122 from SDSHobby including 3674Motor and 125A ESC, discount price is only 273.69usd, This Genesis Boat from other store not including the motor and ESC

Power: Brushless 3674KV2075 motor, with water cooling(Included)
ESC: 125A With Water Cooling Brushless Set With BEC(Included)
Prop: 38mm Nylon (Included)
Drive System: Collect 5*4、Drive shaft φ4、Drive dogφ4、Drive dogφ4
Top Speed: 60-65 km/h – Different batteries will achieve different top speeds

Boat Specifications:
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Hull size: 935*230*120MM
Weight: 2200 G
Motor: 3674 Brushless in runner (Water Cooled)
ESC: 125A water-cooled

To drive this boat from our firm, all it needed was the TX and batteries.
2CH -3CH Radio (recommend item # TBL1001, or TBL1002)
11.1V LIPO Battery(Additional Choice)

This Genesis Brushless Electric Boat was built for speed with its excellent hull; it handles as well as the apparition. Slightly wider and turns slightly better with speed. And we recommended for big open areas and lakes
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Flight 3D Aerobatics Training

I recommend this game today as I think it is well designed and is fun to play.and it is also the best way to share your fun and skill in flying 3D Aerobatics airplane with your boys&girls.

There are lots of different challenges and it is quite easy to play!
The controls are simple: all you have to do is use the arrow keys to go
up and down, and turn left or right. You can find this game on a few
different websites, such as

Posted by joyanan | Apr 16, 2012 @ 05:42 AM | 3,046 Views
As expectation, Newsletter of this week comes with Off Road Buggy/ Monster Truck /Gasoline Car and on Road Drifting Car/Touring Car,totally 16 pcs RC car to option during sdshobby new arrival on Date 04/12/2012 and 04/11/2012

Gasoline Powered Car RTR
There are totally 9pcs Rovan baja series Gasoline Powered Car RTR in 1/5 Scale two-stroke Two Wheel Drive 2.4G Radio, range with 26cc,29cc,30.55cc, some of them powered with Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Two Stroke Gas Engine, for more detail of your fondest gasoline car ,check via item no. below

CG305T,CG305,CG290T,CG290S,CG290,CG260T,CG260S,CG2 60B,CG260A

Nitro Powered Car RTR (item no.: CN94102-AM, CN94285-AM, CN94083-AM, CN94106-AM)
HSP 1/10 Scale Nitro On Road Touring Car; 1/10 Scale Nitro Off Road Buggy; 1/16 Scale Nitro Off Road Buggy ; 1/8 Scale Nitro Off Road Monster Truck

Electric Powered Car RTR (item no.: CE94123-AM, CE94170-AM, CE94107PRO-AM)

HSP 1/10th On Road Drifting Car;1/10th Scale Electric Powered Rally Monster; 1/10th Scale Brushless Electric Powered Off Road

...Continue Reading
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How to Become An Excellent 3D Flying Pilot

There are more and more Pilot Turn to 3D flying instead of flying other Basic and Trainer Model Airplane. So how they practice to be an excellent 3D Flying Pilot?

3D Flying Pilot

During the 3D maneuvers,experiment and practice with your plane until you learn everything you can about it. Here are the skill share from experienced 3D flying pilot

3D maneuvers

Programming your radio for 3D flying is key to being an awesome 3D pilot. See our webpage on programming your radio first.

Trimming out your plane for 3D flying is critical to being an awesome pilot. Right thrust and up thrust must be optimized. Perfect right thrust and up thrust for hovering is different than for sequence flying though they are close. This cannot be changed on a day to day basis, so you need to decide what is most important to you. It's easier to fly sequence with 3D right thrust and upthrust than it is to fly 3D with sequence right thrust and upthrust, so if you are primarily interested in 3D, trim the plane out as follows: On a day when there is little or no wind, fly level to the center of the field at a slow speed, pull to vertical and roll to see the canopy of the plane as if you were going to do a hammer. Let the plane slow to almost a stop. Go to full throttle and let go of the sticks and fly for several seconds. If the plane veers right of left, adjust the rudder to keep the plane vertical. Do this 10 to 20...Continue Reading
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Start a model aircraft engine is surprisingly easy, it’s prime can be hand-started in a couple flips. But some propellers have extremely sharp edges.For your own safety scrape and sand this edge down. If you try to flip the propeller by hand you will get a nasty razor cut. and you may heard that some people use a Chicken Stick to start their engines if they didn’t get an standard electric starter Why start engine can be so “Informal”? Are they really all acceptable?

“Chicken Stick” Start Engines
People use a Chicken Stick to start their engines for safety purposes. A Chicken Stick is a small, hand-held, rubber coated stick that is used to flip the propeller and keep the fingers out of the propeller arc.

Start Engines

Hand Starting a Glow Engine
My first recommendation for starting an engine is to attempt hand starting before automatically reaching for an electric starter. It is faster and easier and not as hard on your engine. Follow these steps closely and you will be amazed at the success you have starting your engines.

Hand Starting a Glow Engine

Before you attempt to start your engine ensure that:
Spectators are a safe distance away and behind the propeller.
There is nothing that can get pulled into the propeller.
The glow igniter is not connected.
The fuel tank is full.
The propeller is securely mounted using a real wrench — not a four-way wrench.

If you have never run this engine before or for any reason think the high-speed needle valve is not...Continue Reading
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Gas Model Airplane Shopping Tips (RTF, ARF, Kit)

Gas Radio Controlled Planes are more complicated, and which can be found in many different variations all suiting different levels of skill and passion. So it is probably a good idea that only more experienced fliers fly gas planes.

gas model airplane

Gas planes usually have more expensive maintenance costs, as well as greater start up costs as opposed to electric planes. Gas planes are also difficult to learn how to fly, so When choosing the right gas plane, you will need to decide if you are going to need an instructor or if are you going to learn by yourself. If you are a beginner you should get a trainer gas rc plane, as this type of plane will help you to learn good flying skills. There are a number of options which you should look at when buying a gas radio controlled plane:

*You should choose a trainer gas plane if you are a beginner
*Wings should be high up on the fuselage above the cabin area
* wing should be large because more lift is created and will make the airplane fly slower
*Look for tricycle landing gear to make landings easier
*A flat bottom wing air foil section for better lift
*Buy a 4 to 6 channel transmitter now
*The bigger the plane, the easier it is to fly

Ready to Fly Gas RC Planes(RTF)
Picking out the right gas rc plane is very important as you don't want to waste your time and money on bad ones. Not too many years ago remote control airplanes required hours and hours of building...Continue Reading
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How to Use Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for Gas Plane with 20A UBEC?

There are many question about “how to use Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 20A UBEC?” they are all pointed out this mini power box are ordered from is this Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box? And why is it so hot?

Mini Power Box

This Mini Power Box Pro is mainly used for the servo with large regular vane’s airplane, such as gasoline engine. This product can distribute several strings’ power. The section board integrates CDI remote flameout switches and reserves position for receiver, which make servo’s lines convenient and tidiness. If you use double powers input to the power supply, it will be more stable and more security.

Produce features:

1. Eight channels for input, and sixteen channels for output.(every one channel input with two channels output )
2. Integrates CDI remote flameout switches. Through each channel of the remote controller or switch channel (usually choose a switch channel) can make the gasoline engine’s CDI on or off by remote control.
3. Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver, and the LED display the state of the power supply at real time.
4. LED display the state of the electric voltage at real time, and LED...Continue Reading
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Guide to Make Your RC model Airplane More Conspicuous–Covering Film &Sealing Iron

Covering your RC model Airplane is one of the last things you do, but most of the hobbyists have not experience of sealing covering film. It’s not complete but also requires a lot of consideration if you want a result that’s going to handle the loads imposed by the model as well as look good. Which covering film material you select will be based on numerous factors, including the following;

Fuel proofing
Colour availability

Note that even with the same covering there can be a reasonable deviation in the weight (per metre square) due to the mass of the pigments in the material, different colours have different weight

Covering Weight Application method Details
Japanese tissue 7gsm Dope One of the lightest coverings you can obtain. Note that this will require adhesive to apply to the airframe and doping or similar sealing.
Laminating film ??? Iron-on Typically available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10mil thicknesses, laminating film is an excellent low cost source of plastic type covering film. Even in the 1.5mil thickness laminating film exhibits exceptional strength to weight ratio.
Nelson Lite Film
Solite 21gsm Iron-on Considered to be one of the better iron on ultra-light films.
Litespan 30gsm Iron-on Litespan is a very light synthetic tissue used in place of normal tissue/dope. It is much stronger and...Continue Reading
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There are many different rc aircraft types associated with radio control flying, many of which you’ll see at an rc flying club field. If you’re completely new to the hobby and are wondering what these types of rc aircraft are, then this page will introduce you to them.

Remember that the word air craft covers all flying machines, not just conventional airplanes. Also bear in mind that the most common rc aircraft types (airplanes and helicopters) can be scale, semi-scale and non-scale models. These three terms refer to the reality of the model; whether it replicates a real aircraft (scale), is a close representation of a real aircraft (semi-scale) or is a completely made-up design (non-scale).

Whether you end up flying scale, semi-scale or non-scale rc aircraft comes down to your own personal preference. There are plenty from each category to choose from these days, a reflection of the popularity of the hobby!
The basic RC aircraft types

For the purpose of this page, rc airplanes and helicopters have been split into their own types; simply categorizing the two as aircraft types would be a bit broad given the variations available.

Collectively, rc planes account for the largest number of aircraft in the hobby. Having said that, the popularity of flying rc helicopters has grown tremendously in recent years as electric rc helicopters have surged onto the scene, and the gap between the number of rc airplane pilots and rc helicopter pilots has become much smaller than...Continue Reading
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The second generation of EME55 Gasoline Engine or EME55-Ⅱ,as you all know ,the newest version EME55 for 55CC gas airplane, Upgraded EME55,and it is Similar with DA60/ DLE55

Idle Speed: 1350 rpm/min.
14.2kg Pulling Force/100 meters Altitude.
12.5kg Pulling Force/1800 meters Altitude.
Spark Plug: NGK CM6, 4.8-6V

Exhaust Amount: 55.6CC
Diameter * stroke: 45mm * 35mm
Ratio of compression: 7.6:1
Ratio of lubricating capacity: 30:1
Weight: 1380g (main engine), 75g (exhaust pipe)
Ignition Apparatus: 120g
Recommended Aircraft Propeller: 22*8; 22*10; 23*8; 23*10

New Features:
*Engine mount is shorter than EME55; the installation size is the same with DLE55 and DA60 engine.

*Crank case and throttle regulator is the same with DA-60 and DLE55 engine.

*This engine upgrades from EME55, better performance. The ignition parameter is more scientific, ensure to make the engine stronger power and more fuel-efficient.