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Posted by paulsmnz | Jul 14, 2014 @ 06:21 AM | 3,863 Views
These kits come in a basic form. Stock motor is an option , Fan unit with kit is not worth using and gets binned.
Glass the kit using water based poly urethane (WBPU). Adds very little weight , but has multiple benefits( stiffness, resilience , good finish etc). A lot easier to do than you would think.
These are the two products I use when glassing Cabots floor water based & Dulux Eze-Kote. (there are multiple similar products on the market)

Sources of information I used to build this plane
Build thread on rcgroups.
Jepe site has some very useful info with build pictures on a range of planes
He also sells kit versions with instructions on how to build.
Google and utube

For those interested in statics tests done on this 8S/motor/fan system by gary at efflux rc have a look at this video.
Wemotec's new 90mm, Midifan "EVO"...11 blade Rotor Assy test. (5 min 30 sec)

Stats (input power from battery)
Max amps 102 (nominal 91)
Max Watts 3000+ (nominal 2500)
Max thrust 3.8kg (nominal 3.4kg)
Max rpm 39700(nominal 37500)
Elux Velocity Max 209mph (nominal 200mph)
(nominal is @ 27.9 Volts)

Parts List (I'll update this as I go)
TopGun AFT Kit -Extreme RC, unpainted EPS foam (there are several places you can buy these kits)
Wemotec Midi Evo 11 blade
HET 650-68-1600 TYPHOON (motor/fan weigh=415g)
Hobby King Nanotech 4S 35C 5000mAh x2 (8s setup)(530g each battery)
Hobbyking YEP 120A HV (4~14S)(165g)
Hobbyking YEP 20A HV (2~12S)...Continue Reading