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Posted by flint723 | Feb 01, 2013 @ 03:18 PM | 3,387 Views
So I finally got my 12s Protos in the air today. I didn't go 12s for more power, just for efficiency and the ability to share packs with my 6s 450. And maybe just to do something a little different. Here's the setup:

Stretched plastic Protos w/ low fbl head
RJX 470mm mains
Savox 1250mg's and a ds650 on a LiFe unregulated
Kontronik Kora 25-16 420kv (220g) with the MSH long motor shaft & 13t pinion
Ice2 HV 40a
(2) Nanotech 1300mah 35c 22.2v packs (217g each)

I run low head speed (2300) on this because it's plastic and for longer flight times. It has plenty of power for what I want it to do (not smack 3d). I had landed in the middle of the maiden flight just to check motor and esc temps. Both were just barely warm. Although the 28F ambient temp probably helped. As far as power, it seemed to have more than when on 6s, but not that much difference really. But I had the 3226-900kv before which is a beast. The log says there was less bogging than with 6s though, On 6s the gov maintained it within +/-200 rpm of requested rpm and on 12s it maintained it within +/-150 rpm. The flights were not extremely demanding but I did plenty of pitch pumps, loops, and tic-tocs, so I don't expect to see much higher amp peaks than what's on the graphs. It pulled 8a in a hover, 10a avg, and 26.6a peak. The first flight was 4.5 min (3.8v/cell) and I put 750mah back in, so I used about 60%. 2nd flight I did 5 min (3.78v/cell) and put back in (unknown yet).

So far I am happy with this mod and it wasn't even very expensive. Motor was $133 shipped directly from Kontronik and the esc was like $85 shipped from neumotors.com.

Maiden esc log:
2nd flight esc log:
Posted by flint723 | Oct 25, 2012 @ 05:46 PM | 7,486 Views
So I got this Alzrc Devil 450 FAST kit form OOmodel because I have a lot of electronics laying around and I wanted to use them up. When I was there I noticed they had Spektrum AR6200's w/ sat on sale for 25 bucks so I grabbed a couple of those too. I had heard good thing about the quality of Alzrc and I wanted to get something different from other 450's so I chose the Devil 450. First pic is what came in the box. 2nd is after it was all out of the packaging.

I didn't really take any pictures of the build process. The specs are as follows:

Turnigy H2223-2900KV motor w/ 11t helical pinion
Align DS415m on cyclic
Align DS520 on rudder
CC Phoenix 35a w/ bec disabled. Governed to 3100 rpm
CC Bec 10a @6v
Tarot ZYX-s from Miracle Mart
Spektrum AR6200 w/ sat.
Lightning Power 1850mah 14.8v 45c
All up weight: 917g
w/o battery: 704g

Tx: Walkera Devo 8s with Deviation Firmware

The quality of the kit was generally good, on par with the Tarot 450 I have. The Alzrc tail drive system leaves something to be desired however. The tail drive gear was out of round and warped. Both sets of umbrella gears are poorly made and have excessive friction. The tail drive shaft was straight(surprisingly) but the ends were not straight in the shaft. I have replaced all those parts with align and it is problem free now. The slant 121t main gear is good however, and meshes well with the Align 11t helical pinion.

The Alzrc carbon fiber parts are maybe not as precise as...Continue Reading