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Posted by Tumppi T | Aug 18, 2013 @ 03:28 AM | 5,324 Views
I finally made the step from FP to CP with the VCTRC 450 Pro.

Current set:

- VCTRC 450 Pro V2 frame
- Turnigy Plush 40A ESC
- Turnigy 3100kV motor
- Turnigy 3D-H 3-axis gyro
- Turnigy S306G metal gear digital servos
- Align white landing skids
- Tarot belt driven tail
- Tarot DFC head & swashplate
- Tarot tail blade holders
- Turnigy canopy
- cf tailboom
- and some small visual mods as always

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Posted by Tumppi T | Jan 31, 2013 @ 11:14 AM | 8,064 Views
Got this one in December 2012......

This is where the project began:

Current combination:

- CNC swashplate and quide (from eBay)
- SoloPro 270 blades
- SoloPro 270 original plastic head
- SoloPro 270 red aluminium main shaft
- shortened X-Treme carbon fiber flybar (8,5 cm / 3,35") with MSR paddles
- black Derlin main gear
- Walkera MiniCP canopy / Esky Nano S300 canopy
- two different landing skids (one original and one with flipped batttery holder)
- MSR carbon vertical tail fin
- tail support rods
- carbon fiber horizontal tail fin
- led spotlight
- lower canopy holders cutted away
- ball links in servo pushrods lower points
- carbon tape over the battery
- and last.....I'm still running with the original motors

Total weight without battery: 30g

I drive this baby with Turnigy 9X

..... here are the updates from last to first....enjoy

Update: Mar 15th

Yesterday I tryed different positions for the flybar paddles and was little bit surprised how short the flybar can be and still heli flys great. Now the total lenght is 8.5 cm (3,35").

Update: Mar 10th

I made a keychain camera little bit lighter and fixed it under the heli. I took off the battery and replaced it with a connector. Now the camera uses helis battery.

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Posted by Tumppi T | Jan 31, 2013 @ 11:08 AM | 7,012 Views
I got the DH9104 in January 2012. It was like this:

Main target was to have 4 channel BL version from DH9104.
...yes I know that I would be able to buy better heli cheaper, but I just love challenges and modifying. For me it's more than half of this hobby.

Current combination:
- Turnigy 9X tx + 8ch rx & digital servos
- Esky Honey Bee CP3 canopy
- Assan GA250 gyro
- E-Flite Blade SR swashplate (fits with original main shaft)
- HB X-treme blades
- Turnigy EH 200 4100kv BL main motor:
- Turnigy 18A ESC
- 10T Pinion gear
- Turnigy 1811 2100 kV BL tail motor
- Turnigy 12A ESC for tail
- custom made servo links
- T-rex 450 style battery tray
- T-rex 450 landing skids
- navigation LED lights ...
- ....and much more....

Update: Apr 2nd

Finally got the Turnigy 9X, ASSAN GA-250 gyro and digital servos with metal gear.
I put my DH in small pieces.....painted the frame matt black, made all new wires and added some leds.

Yesterday I made the maiden flight with new setup and it flyed GREAT

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