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Posted by UberZogster | Aug 06, 2012 @ 10:01 PM | 2,743 Views
I started flying in March after watching some guys on the local slope. The first plane that I purchased was a Zagi 5C because I wanted to fly slope and I could get it in a kit with a Transmitter. While I was waiting for the Zagi to arrive I visited multiple hobby shops and everyone kept saying something along the lines of "You are going to be hiking all over that hill if you try to teach yourself how to fly on the slope. You should get a Radian and learn how to fly with that. Trying to learn on the slope would be a big mistake." My Dad was with me when visiting one of the shops and decided that I had better listen to the "experts" and I ended up with a Radian.

The first time I flew the Radian didn't go so well. I ended up crashing pretty hard when the wind decided to go from 1-3mph to 15-20mph. The saddle above the wing snapped, chunks were broken off of the root on each wing, one wing had a pretty big crack about 8" out from the root, and the nose was shorter than it had been. I researched how to fix the nose with boiling water and glued the rest together with gorilla glue. While the Radian was airworthy again I was a little hesitant to try flying it again and the Zagi had arrived so why not put it together.

It took me about a week to assemble the Zagi. I decided that I didn't care what the "experts" had to say I was going to go throw this off the hill and see what happened. I went up to the local slope, threw the Zagi off and...........Continue Reading