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Posted by The RevKev | Apr 07, 2012 @ 12:53 PM | 3,440 Views
Actually not.

That was a book I found in my parent's dresser drawer back when I was like 13 or so. No - this is really about the Joy of re-discovering RC. Now with MY 13-year old. No Joy of Sex book in my dresser for him to find...

I was into RC - specifically Fuel-powered planes about 18 years ago or so. I crashed more than I flew, I rebuilt more than anything else - but I loved it. Sold it all at a garage sale for little of nothing when the kids came along and never really looked back.

Then my boy asked for an RC Heli for his 13th B-day. The kids had gotten the crappy Air-hogs given to them at the B-day parties and all and I decided to get him an E-Flite mCX. I got a DX8 and an mCPx - for his birthday

I soon learned the mCPx was more heli than I could handle and picked up the mSRx. I was pumped to be flying more than crashing, playing during my lunch hour at the church where I work in the big open room, and having my son in to fly obstacles in the evenings.

I was having so much fun, I picked up a park zone Night Vapor. Who knew you could fly slow and not waste all day crashing and breaking stuff. Sure, that still happens, but now I wasn't running a hot iron over a wing repair that had just dried. Nope - now I was just bolting parts on and jumping back in.

Then the real Joy hit me. I saw on the RCG site some FPV vids. SOLD. My helis are now being sold as well as the plane (though reluctantly - I may keep it for that relaxing indoor slow fly...) all to fund my recalled need to fly.

See - years ago, I was in school studying to be an aeronautical engineer. Applied to Embury Riddle and all. I ended up later with degrees in Economics, Math, Physiology, and ultimately Theology. But the desire to fly never left me. Thank GOD for the advances in the Hobby, the available (and, well, relatively cheap) parts, and A FORUM with classifieds to help with secondhand stuff and an outlet to find other great stuff.

I have rediscovered the Joy of RC. Yeah, and sex ain't bad either...