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Posted by Nobby33 | Mar 24, 2012 @ 12:01 AM | 2,389 Views
The thing I have been fearing the most happened a couple of days ago with my Spitfire. I crashed her.

I was having a normal flight in absolutely no wind. I was coming to the end of the flight, but still wanted to impress those watching (always a bad mistake). I put her into a big climb and decided to turn in into a loop, as I was coming out of the loop I could see that I would be running out of sky. Luckily the wings were level and she hit the ground at a 30 degree angle (nose in) I would guess. I had throttled right back anticipating the hit, she bounced up into the air, about 10 feet, I moved the throttle to half way, banked her left and landed her at my feet (the closest I have even landed her to myself).

I really feared the worse. I could see no visible problems on the fuselage, but i could hear something was loose inside. I opened her up and the battery had smashed through the flimsy plastic casing that holds it. Nothing else that i could see wrong on the inside.

When i got home I found more damage, the fuselage had split on the bottom and the top along the seam, I didn't notice this as first, but I glued it and that was sorted out.

I have attached photos of my new cradle for the battery to sit in. I used ice-cream sticks, some plastic, glue and a white styrofoam board. It worked out really well and I actually enjoyed doing it (I'm not really a patient person when it comes to doing things like this.) I actually enjoyed it so much that I want to build my own plan (thinking of a NutBall).

I flew her the next day and she flew fine, she has some character now!
Posted by Nobby33 | Mar 18, 2012 @ 12:17 AM | 2,783 Views
This is my current squadron. I flew them all yesterday and I am busy charging batteries to fly today again (hoping the wind stays down).

I flew the Nine Eagles Extra 300 for the first time in long time... wow, forgot how nimble it is. I actually struggled quite a bit in the beginning, but by a few minutes into the flight got the feel back.

The hawk was back yesterday, came to attack the Cub, but attack is the best form of defense and I chased him off, he flew around to the other side of the field and came at the Cub again, I just turned towards him and he was gone. He certainly keeps me on my toes!

Happy flying!
Posted by Nobby33 | Mar 14, 2012 @ 02:31 PM | 2,436 Views
I finally got to fly today after a very frustrating week of wind (to begin with) and then no wind (but my aircraft being 1400km away).

I spent Friday - Tuesday at my in-laws... and believe it or not, every day was absolutely perfect for flying but I unfortunately couldn't take my aircraft with me.

Yesterday, on returning home, the wind was blowing a gale, but I charged up my batteries last night and this morning there was a 2-3 km/h wind.

The Spitfire got up first, the first flight was strange, the plane was under powered, so i just did a few circuits and then landed. I then put in the next battery and immediately noticed a difference, so it seems that my new battery is not to happy.

During the second flight, my unfriendly hawk came for a dogfight, I chased him off but he came back and stayed for a minute or two. I also got a nice run on a Hadeda Ibis bird who innocently flew past (I imagined him to be an Heinkel He-111 and made appropriate machine gun sounds).

I then took the Cub up for a spin. I had fun with her, and even then took for another flight when snuck out of work during lunch With the cub it was mostly lots of practice approaches, some landings and a couple of touch-and-go's.

I have learnt from my mistake the last time, and I am making sure that I am carrying enough speed on the downwind leg of my circuits.

Happy Flying All!
Posted by Nobby33 | Mar 05, 2012 @ 01:17 PM | 3,030 Views
So yesterday morning, I took the Parkzone Spitfire Mk II out for a few flights. It was pretty overcast and about 06h45 in the morning, with a little wind. I am finding it easier and easier to hand launch, as long as you give a good shove, there are no problems.

Soon the Spit was dancing across the sky. There is a unfriendly hawk that has come to dogfight on a few occasions when I have flown the Cub, and sure enough he showed his face and tried to take on the Spit. We had an epic dogfight, that lasted about a minute, in the end I think he realized that my prop could do him so damage and so he flew away.

After using up my two batteries, I took out the Cub for a flight. The intention was to do some circuits and to land on the cricket pitch a few times. I was on a downwind run, ready to turn back into the wind to come and land, and had I about 40% throttle, I started turning to the left, applied some up elevator to kick the tail around and then she stalled. I guess i was a bit heavy on the stick, I tried to catch it and almost did, but I was not high enough and the Cub hit the ground pretty hard, at a 45 degree angle. No real damage, just cracked the plastic cowl.

I was pretty embarrassed actually... very stupid mistake, and I guess it comes down to the fact that I was over confident. Its a good thing it happened with the Cub and not the Spit.

This morning the wind was to heavy for the Cub, but I had two more awesome Spitfire flights.

Happy flying!

Posted by Nobby33 | Mar 04, 2012 @ 09:20 AM | 2,610 Views
So for the last year or so I have been flying a Nine Eagles Extra 300. Its fun to fly, pretty fast, very acrobatic and pretty durable. In the time I have had it, I have had one bad crash, ripping off the wing, but a little glue and she was good to go.

I wanted to get something a little bigger, and at my local hobby shop they convinced me to tryout the Hobbyzone Super Cub. I figured it would be a good place to start on something bigger, and last sunday I flew my maiden flight with it. It flew like a dream and during the last week I have been flying it every morning before work. I even managed a 25 minute flight, cruising around at half throttle in windless conditions.

Something I haven't mentioned, I also own a Parkzone Spitfire Mk IIB, I have had it for around 4 years, but never flown it. Why? Well, I just didn't want to break it, and I am glad I have waited this long to give it ago.

On Thursday, I flew her for the first time. Wow, is all i can say. She is beautiful, very stable and soon I had her climbing, looping, barrel rolling and even some stall turns.

I love her to bits and I love the Cub as well, as its a completely different flight experience!

Here's hoping to no wind tomorrow morning!