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Posted by red24d | Jul 03, 2013 @ 09:21 PM | 2,435 Views
So, as described in my last blog entry, I have a new in box and never touched Accord 47 ARF. This will be my very first balsa ARF ever. After talking to Mel about some things that others on RCG have posted about weak spots, like the LG, I decided to research these as much as possible. You probably would have never known this since I used the almighty "SEARCH" button and went to the advanced search to narrow my results. I saw a lot of back and forth and good ideas to strengthen the landing gear. Read up about power systems so I could decide the prop size and battery size and weight, i.e. 3S or 4S. As well as seeing some very brilliant ideas on how to mount the battery that I have decided to steal! I don't remember who posted it, but a padded envelope cut and re-taped and secured to the fuse was just the most simple and effective way I have seen to soften the affect of the battery on the fuse in the event of a hard landing. JUST BRILLIANT! Since I am killing time, little here and a little there between active time at work, I figured I'd record my progress and the steps I have taken thanks to the feedback and posts of other members here.

I don't have up to date pictures of the fuse and wing on this computer, so I'll edit this post when those are available. So far, after my research, I have made some modifications to the landing gear for extra support. I have epoxied a couple of cut to fit popsicle sticks in the forward battery hatch area just in front of...Continue Reading
Posted by red24d | Jul 03, 2013 @ 08:33 PM | 2,180 Views
I am pleased to announce that nearly 1.5 years into my venture into R/C flight, I will be starting my very first endeavors into the balsa wood flyers world. This past Thursday, which is my weekend, I removed the front passenger seat from my truck in anticipation for what I would be picking up and strapped a massive Delta band saw into the bed of the truck and buckled my loud-mouthed 4 year old into the back seat behind me. I took a few hour trip to North Georgia and met with Mel Duval for an exchange that put a massive grin on my face! I exchanged the band saw for a Hanger 9 Pulse XT40, and a gallon of fuel. The only thing missing from getting this thing in the air was my own receiver, my own transmitter and other small stuff like an electric starter, and hand fuel pump to fill the tank. While I was there I was able to interest good 'ole Mel in my Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 and in exchange I got the NESail Accord 47 with a Turnigy Trust 55A SBEC and AXI 2820/10, all in new and unused condition. For a few extra $$ I was able to snag the servos that he had planned for this plane as well, the BlueBird BMS380's for the ailerons and BMS380MG for the rudder and elevator. I made out the deal like a fat cat. I'll follow this post with my start on the build of the Accord 47.
Posted by red24d | Jun 26, 2013 @ 11:49 PM | 2,725 Views
Well, looks like I neglected making some additions to this build. I did end up installing flaps as well. This thing was running on a HK Donkey ST4010-820Kv with a 12x8 APC. I used the Dynam 60A ESC that came from a crashed Dynam Meteor. I was running 4 TowerPro MG90's, 2 for the flaps and 2 for the ailerons. For the Elevator and rudder, I installed carbon fiber tubes and ran them close to the main bulkhead. You'll see in the attached pictures, I made a removable hatch on the top of the fuselage held on by 2 magnets. This gave me access to the 2 FMA Direct PS300 standard servos that I made a platform for out of ply and mounted just rear of the main bulkhead. Doing this allowed me to run the pushrods straight through the carbon fiber tubes and put a "Z" bend at the servo arm end, and then screw the servo arm to the servo once the bend was attached. As for the paint, what I ended up doing was using the water based sealer (can't think of the name right now) and put 3 coats of it all the way around. Sanding was a PITA since it was really soft, but I managed. Since I am a hardcore UGA fan.....and employee.....I decided to go red and black. I used Wal-Mart rattle can spray paint.

So, onto the maiden flight. This thing had more than plenty power on a Gens Ace 4S 2200 20C. My numerous attempts to get this thing off the ground proved ineffective. I was always tail heavy, even when I added 2 3S 2200 nano techs just for weight to get CG correct. Finally, I...Continue Reading
Posted by red24d | Mar 02, 2013 @ 06:09 PM | 2,867 Views
Plans from warhead_71's thread Big Pink Beaver at I love how this thing looks, and it will be a great plane to show myself how far I've come in the past year of building, crashing and flying. I've got all the parts cut out and I've started the build of the fuse. I've bought the fiberglass and resin materials and after I sand I'll be glassing the fuse up. I am still debating on whether or not to glass all other parts to include the wing and vertical stab. I am going to be using a HK Donkey 4010 820KV with a Dynam 60 amp ESC if I decide to glass it all over with 9g servos for ailerons and flaps and maybe a 17-24g size servo for elevator and rudder moved further back to assist in proper CG. If I only glass the fuse, then I'll likely be using the NTM 35-36 1400KV with a Castle 36 ESC and 9g servos all around. Battery will likely be 3000-3200mah 3s or a 4s 2650mah depending on how hard it is to hunt down proper CG. Anyway, in case you are curious, photos to follow.