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Posted by SnakeLT | Aug 24, 2012 @ 04:21 PM | 2,570 Views
about a year ago, I decided to build esc that fits inside 12mm carbon tube. And finally it works like I wanted. These esc are designed for acro copters, and has very fast speed-up, speed-down (regenerative braking) ramps. Due very fast speed-up, speed-down ramps, I don't recommend use with higher than 1500kv motors. I had about 3-4hours of flying with these esc, worked without problems.

If anyone are interested to test, right now I have 4 esc for sale. 60USD for all, but remember these esc are not tested enough, so it is on your own risk.

Voltage: 2-3S
Current: 10A(continuous), 15A (5sec.)
Bec:100mA (use all 4 bec to supply FC and RX)
Size: 1x7cm, fits to 12x12 aluminium tube.
Posted by SnakeLT | Mar 31, 2012 @ 09:11 AM | 3,977 Views
It is a tiny (21x21mm) tri/quad copter (5 inputs, 4 outputs) controller based on multiwii code. In near future I'm planing to port aeroquad soft too.
It has full sensor set ITG3205, BMA023, HMC5883, BMP180.

If you are interesting please contact me. Price is 99USD with free shipping. It comes with USB->SERIAL adapter and controller side connector wires other wire end needs to be soldered by yourself. BTW all wires are black color. Now wires are colorful.

Sensor definitions:
Copy to def.h
#if defined(MWC_NANO_11)
  #define ITG3200
  #define BMA020
  #define HMC5883
  #define BMP085
  #define ACC_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z)  {accADC[ROLL]  =  Y; accADC[PITCH]  = -X; accADC[YAW]  = Z;}
  #define GYRO_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {gyroADC[ROLL] =  Y;  gyroADC[PITCH] = -X; gyroADC[YAW] = -Z;}
  #define MAG_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z)  {magADC[ROLL]  =  X;  magADC[PITCH]  = Y; magADC[YAW]  =-Z;} 

Copy to config.h
 #define MWC_NANO_11