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Posted by neato4u | Nov 11, 2013 @ 12:52 PM | 2,525 Views
This was my first quadcopter. Bought an ARTF unit and it was pretty damn plug and play with just a bit of soldering works (Heck my soldering skills sucks big time but I survived this so I believe you guys should be able too!).

If you're ask me what quad should you get to get you started? Even if you do not have any experience in RC - get the DJI F450 (okay, now they have phantom, which is far more superior - not to mention expensive - than this, but hey, if you ditch the gps and not using that RTH, this will be a good starter pack to choose).

Naza FC one the other hand, has a cheaper version called Naza M Lite. Get this one instead, then add on GPS if you need Return To Home (RTH) functionality. For some, Naza is too automated and have multiple fly-away incidents reported - not to mention some auto flips that occurs out of a sudden (yes that happened to me too). But when it works, hey.. it works. The barometer's great, it stays on your predefined altitude quite well.

For me, it's a good FC to get started with. For me, I love the KK2 more than Naza. More authority, more control, easy on the fly setting (with the LCD on FC) and a LOT more cheaper too.

This is my first FPV video that was taken a while back - flying with the DJI F450 Naza FC.

Malaysian RC - FPV Puncak Jalil 03/06/2012 (2 min 47 sec)