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Posted by cr2o3 | Mar 23, 2013 @ 11:14 PM | 7,928 Views
Hi to all my true friends

I have decided to do things this way in an attempt to keep the thread as friendly as possible. I personally chose you for the unwavering support and friendlyness you showed towards me in a time it was desperately needed.

Due to the requests for videos and news regarding the quad I know many of you have a partnership in this machine and I have been trying to figure out how to do this without the usual problems.

I ask you to participate in this blog and jump in whenever you feel like it to make comments, add your own pictures and do whatever you wish as long as it's friendly, it's great.

I finally have a battery on the way and it should be here by about Thursday. I have also built a quad for my Grandson and will not only testing that but testing myself first. My Grandson said to me "Pop, I want you to be the first to fly it and don't worry if you break a prop, I bought spares" With trust like that how could I refuse. Plus I have to show faith in my own workmanship.

I have another Micro Bambu copter being sent by a very good friend who has a number of them and when he offered me one to build I told him I woud accept it only if I could build them all.

And speaking of building I had to modify the quad I was building for GS1 The board was positioned facing one arm which meant it would be falling over all it's life or become a cross copter instead of an x copter. All figured out, everything is plugged in and it all lights up...Continue Reading