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Posted by xfatdannx | Nov 01, 2012 @ 08:24 AM | 4,311 Views
I went to Austin to visit my sister. Since we grew up going to air shows i thought it would be fun to go see the Blue Angels again, it had been years since either of us has seen them. We both love them, you can tell i do bc its one of two EDFs i own. She does as well, last time she was in Omaha to visit me we went to the LHS so i could grab a couple little things and she picked up a Blue Angel kite. Anyway. We made the drive to Houston on 10-27 and the following pics and videos are things i saw that day. I was super excited to see the F-22 Raptor as i have not seen that demonstration before. The day was LOADED with Warbirds galore, Heritage flight, Blue Angels and even a Chevy S-10 fitted with a JET ENGINE!!!! Good times! Without further ado.

(Sad to say i goofed up when recording the F-22 demonstration. I had hit record on accident and didn't realize i was recording when the camera was in my pocket and stopping it while trying to 'record' fly byes)

Here are the pics from my iPod, i will have videos up on youtube and embed them as well as more pics from my gf's camera and my brother-in-laws iPod as soon as they are on my computer. Enjoy!...Continue Reading