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Posted by B Thompson | Jul 25, 2015 @ 07:48 PM | 3,096 Views
I maiden my BD-5 yesterday! What a sweet flyer!

I have to thank Fitz again for the landing gear info, I used the gear he linked and installed it as he did without changing a thing, it works great and looks good. For steering I used a standard MG servo in the spot provided and ran a single rod to the nose gear, no pull pull steering on this one.

The one major change I did was to move the fan and motor forward by 2 inches this gave me more wiggle room on my CG which is just forward of the main spar, dead stick is a nice flat glide. I can now put one battery in the lower part of the fuse behind the nose gear lowering the planes CG.

Lucky for me before my maiden I read: "raising each aileron, even slightly, decreases its angle of attack compared to the wing inboard. This means that the tip should stall later than the root" This seemed to work for me I had no problem with tip stall.

I did my maiden on 7s 4000mah (5s with a 2s) but I will be going to 8s 5000mah (2@4s)

My setup is a ARC 75-36-1 motor, Wemotec EVO fan (great sound!), Phoenix EDGE 130amp ESC, Castle BEC PRO set at 6v running off a 3s 1600mah flight pack. On 7s it tops out at 95 amps and 2400 watts. On 8s it runs 114 amps at 3000 watts.

BD-5 90mm Composite RC (2 min 42 sec)

Posted by B Thompson | Dec 11, 2014 @ 10:33 PM | 3,820 Views
A fun Patent I got a few months back. Enjoy...

POOL TOY AUTO DEPTH CONTROL. Patent #8,795,021 (1 min 52 sec)

And used as a camera platform

UNDERWATER CAMERA PLATFORM. Patent #8795021 (5 min 6 sec)
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Posted by B Thompson | Apr 25, 2014 @ 12:14 AM | 5,069 Views
My latest project and first composite is coming along, I'm learning about air retracts and learning how to work on a composite fuse.

All in all I'm having a lot of fun learning, I must say the Sapac 70mm T-45 build manual is great.
Posted by B Thompson | Dec 07, 2013 @ 07:20 PM | 3,826 Views
I'm going to an indoor FF tomorrow at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds in Stockton CA and put Temporary flaps on my Champ and speed brakes on my T-28 and Mustang.

I remember from last year my micros being a little faster than I wanted for the size of building this event is held in.

My vapor should be fine, here are some pics
Posted by B Thompson | Aug 23, 2013 @ 10:49 PM | 5,299 Views
I won this old Sig Klipper RC-36 from a club raffle. It had no engine or servos so I removed the fuel tank and order a Firepower15 motor from Headsuprc $25, I had two HS-5085MG servos and a spare 40amp ESC already.

The Klipper flies nice, plenty of power to do rolls and loops!

I'm using nano-tech 2650 3s, 25-50C bats.
Posted by B Thompson | Mar 30, 2013 @ 07:40 PM | 6,650 Views
A project I experimented with and then halted 17 years ago, I was looking to make a multi rocket pod powered Komet as an alternative to the RC power systems available at the time. Now days you have lipo batteries and brushless motors and even small turbines! Nice alternatives! I saved the plane all these years and now I'm rebuilding/finishing it as an electric. I took all of the control linkages out of the wings, the servos will now go in the wings not in the fuse like plan. Dave Grife's build was my inspiration to give the Komet another go! Here is a link to Dave's build and below it a video of my maiden flight.


Brian Taylor Me-163 Komet Maiden cam 2 (4 min 2 sec)

Posted by B Thompson | Mar 30, 2013 @ 07:10 PM | 5,130 Views
I'm trying to find a nice camo scheme for my Brian Taylor Komet I just maidened and I found this is a nice way to try different types, I just go into MSpaint and open a file with a line drawing of a top or side view of my plane and draw out a camo scheme with the line tools and fill in the pattern quickly with the fill tool. If I don't like the colors I can pick new ones and change them in about 5 seconds! You can also use the erase tool to get rid of some panel lines if there are to many in the view or the view shows the inside of the plane just erase the parts in the way and use the line tool to close any gaps where you dont want your fill tool to spill out. I did find one small problem always save an original copy of your drawing because once your save in MS paint you can't return to what you save and make more changes because it get's corrupted and you have to start over with your orginal if you want to make more changes. I hope this helps someone. Thanks
Posted by B Thompson | Mar 30, 2013 @ 06:13 PM | 5,735 Views
My first non-micro EDF and first plane with retracts. The Vampire is fun and cheap a nice combo. I put a castle 60amp ESC in it because I rejected it for my Brian Taylor Komet and used it here instead although I read people are having good luck with the stock ESC if they remember to cut the red wire on it because of the BEC being added that the factory forgot about. I had to replace the front retract because I was dodging some guy on the runway and put it into a clump of weeds! Just remember to secure all the lose wire in it with nylon ties! The stock Vampire likes 4s Turnigy 40-50C bats 2.65-3.0 mah, the big Nano in the picture 65-130C was not needed but now I have one
Posted by B Thompson | Mar 30, 2013 @ 05:31 PM | 5,509 Views
A Fun little plane that's been discontinued for now. I put a smaller engine and ESC in it like most people did and used a 3s nano-tech 1000 mah battery with a 7x5 apc thin prop. I filed the holes in the firewall to angle out past the spinner to act like a scoup to run air past the motor, it works great! I did reduce the spinner diameter a little to help out. I also added a metal skid and sunk metal washers in the bottom of the wing tips and tail so I can land on a paved runway and that works great too! This plane has been good practice for my Brian Taylor Komet maiden!
Posted by B Thompson | Jul 04, 2012 @ 11:55 AM | 4,914 Views
If you buy or own one of these I strongly suggest you use more tape on the elevator hinge! My elevator developed a flutter and was ripped from the plane! During the rebuild I taped the heck out of the hinge on the new elevator. Then I changed the wheels out to 2-1/2 inch with brass tube inserts to take up the slack in the center, toss the stock hubs they won't catch enough thread to hold the thicker wheels on very long, go to Orchard Supply Hardware and get nylon nuts to hold your wheels on they work great!
Posted by B Thompson | Jul 04, 2012 @ 11:44 AM | 5,018 Views
Great flyer! My first EDF, I tried a 3 cell in it and burned up the ESC after a few flights and then I used a bigger ESC and came to the conclusion the thing flies great stock! The only trouble I had was a sticky control rod going to the elevader, I just cut out more foam around it where it goes through the fuse and fixed the problem.
Posted by B Thompson | Mar 15, 2012 @ 07:10 PM | 4,557 Views
A great little plane to learn on when your new to flying RC like I was in Jan 2012. I followed it up with the Hobbyzone ultra micro T-28 and ultra micro P-51, the P-51 being my favorite it flies really great! When it came time to replace all the motors I added a little round heat sink to each motor, all the planes like the nose weight anyway so why not a heat sink.