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Posted by WiperBlade | May 04, 2012 @ 06:15 PM | 2,164 Views
I literally ordered her around East Coast sunrise on Monday morning and received the box on Friday afternoon... Not too bad!

The Spitfire is gorgeous out of the box. I had read about issues with paint and dings in the foam but mine is in fantastic condition... I plan to fly this plane until the paint does start to bubble up or I damage it, and then a full repaint is in the plans.

Control surfaces and retracts are trimmed out and tested... I'm going to add flaps now, and am waiting for the lipos on deck to finish charging......

Posted by WiperBlade | Apr 23, 2012 @ 03:30 PM | 2,679 Views
Looks like I rolled a 7.... Received the P-38 today from Banana Hobby, and the box and all of the components inside arrived in excellent condition. The components were very, very well secured and appear to have been repackaged after my order since the lipo I also bought was secured in with the kit.

Clearly I've received a V2 kit... servoless retracts, carbon spars in the wings, almost 58" wingspan. My plane has the gear doors sprung closed. The paint and foam is in excellent condition, and I am incredibly pleased with this purchase. It's worth noting that I did not receive (and was not expecting) any wire harnesses with my kit.

P.S.: In case it's not clear I ordered a P-38 Kit, which is described on the site as the older V1 aircraft. The V1 is slightly smaller than the V2, does not have carbon spars in the wings, and is mounted on mechanical retracts that are pretty much a joke. I was prepared to receive and "deal with" a V1 kit, and am very happy to have gotten the V2 instead. I was also ready, based on everything I had read about Banana Hobby, to receive a nightmare.

Having said that, I am happy to speak-up for a company or seller that does right by me... And these guys got it right.

Enough said, let the pictures speak......Continue Reading
Posted by WiperBlade | Apr 21, 2012 @ 12:32 PM | 2,450 Views
Saturday morning update: I think the best way to increase overall wing area on the 190 is to scratch-build at least the lower half of the wing. Dollar Tree foam has been put to use in this situation, as can be seen in the attached pictures. The process involved tracing the original wing profile onto the foam paper, and then adding 5mm to the trailing edge and wingtip. I then cut that tracing out and used it to trace the other wing. After both pieces were cut out, I taped them together and sanded them to minimize variations from left to right. Then, of course, dry fitting to make sure I'm on the right track...

I didn't game plan the servos, so I need to go back and cut them out... Then onto some gluing and sanding to re-shape the wings.
Posted by WiperBlade | Apr 18, 2012 @ 09:46 PM | 3,094 Views
All, I received my PZ FW-190 in a trade a few weeks ago though the plane ended-up being in pretty bad shape. I quickly made the decision to rebuild and refinish the plane and conjured up what you see in the first attached picture... I had stripped off the original covering, repaired the foam with 5-min epoxy and light weight spackle, and then put a layer of tissue and polycrylic over the entire plane. The plane was painted with Lowes-matched acrylic latex paints, and I had to add 4 ounces of weight to the nose to get the plane to balance. AUW was approximately 31 oz.

My maiden flight was pretty eventful, and upon throwing the plane into the air I immediately made two decisions:
1. This plane needs aileron improvements.
2. I will never again willingly hand-launch a plane.

Despite her unwillingness to roll or fly in general, I managed to land the 190 with minimal injury. The second flight went about the same, except I managed to slam her on the chin when landing on the only dirt patch in an acre of uncut grass... This jolt knocked loose some of the weights I had added and cracked the cowling so I retreated to my truck for repairs. After repairing the cowl with packing tape I elected to remove all of the weights and see if the 190 would fly and roll better on a diet..... It didn't.

The third flight lasted about 15 seconds... I was able to hand-launch the plane without a fuss, but was quickly reminded that this plane is very tail-heavy. The 190's lack of roll skills...Continue Reading