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Posted by chi chi | Dec 29, 2016 @ 09:05 PM | 1,085 Views
Waiting for it to arrive some time in the first week of Jan 2017..I hope!
All the spare parts have arrived except the Tiny
QX95 with the extra lipo's & I believe the lipos are causing the delay in customs;-/

Will keep posting...
Posted by chi chi | Dec 29, 2016 @ 08:18 PM | 1,084 Views
Well, purchased the inductrix for
My son and I ordered the eachine 010 for myself!

Looks identical and flies bout the same too. The only issue I have is that the eachine does not bind to my spectrum radio so I have to use the radio it came with...and man, that's not as easy as you might think!! Due to its tiny size, this tiny radio makes your quad behave like a house fly bouncing off the walls and everything in its way!
One easily overestimates the joystick throw.
I'm on a mission to try and find a hack to bind it to my spectrum.

If anyone has any leads to a solution..I'm all eyes and ears!

I'm currently waiting for my Qx95 to come in..maybe a week or 2 left!!
Posted by chi chi | Apr 29, 2012 @ 08:54 PM | 1,894 Views
Purchased a120 SR 2 weeks ago.
Today i just busted my landing gear as I was distracted by my babe and hit the neighbors storage shed. Broke the left landing gear. It started as a beautiful early Sunday morning still is considering the learning lesson of distraction

Zr_FLyer had a Mod that I tried. Shrink tubing to reinforce the landing gear. I gave it try. Lets see how they hold up.
Posted by chi chi | Apr 25, 2012 @ 02:42 AM | 2,025 Views
Pilot Chi Chi's Log:

At LAST! evolved from the CX2 -----> DX6i------>Night Vapor----> BLADE 120 SR!

Now gota find good upgrades without going for the kaching-bling...
Posted by chi chi | Apr 25, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 2,147 Views
3rd Lipo battery inserted. Elevator...check, rudder...check, throttle...check. I give it a toss with a bit of throttle, my night vapor gracefully hugs the night air. Tottaly satisfied with tonights flight. Reached between 200-300 in altitude and managed several awesome loops in dead calm seattle night sky. 11:40 pm and its brisk so i decide to bring it in....then I decided just ONE more turn around flight. And as I was comingin back in, I came too close to the high power line. Now my night vapor is hanging by the tail, LED's are brightly shining. A new reality sinks in .."that cost me 130 bucks".

YUP. I did it. managed to get it caught on the powerline. So I called the power company. I "cautiously" reported to the phone opperator that an RC Plane was stuck on the power line at this address. The phone opperator slowly said, "is this YOUR RC plane"? I paused "y e e s ss". I then began to appologize for flying too close to the powerline. He stopped me and began to say that if a crew were available to come and take it down, would I be there to recieve the RC plane or they can just drop it off at my house. I said that i would be waiting for them. I began to thank the phone opperator for dispatching a crew to MY house and save my Night vapor. He said, "Thank you for the entertainment value for the night, I've never heard of such a problem before", have a good night".

20 minutes later, the utlility company...Continue Reading
Posted by chi chi | Apr 22, 2012 @ 12:42 AM | 2,752 Views
Major upgrades these last 2 months.
Purchased :

1. Night Vapor
2. Spektrum DX6i

Being the nebulious that I am...anything new in the rc sport is AWESOMENESS!!

1. One things for sho, this is my first flyer!!

The Night Vapor is a very relaxing flight. Especially at night. Navigation is impressive using the LED's. At anytime, you can distinguish your direction in flight. I easily spend at least 1 hour of flying (yeeeeah SUPER fun) using 3 liPos. It's quiet, glides beautiful over tree's, performe loops on stock motor but you need enough speed to do this. I'm about to upgrade the prop to the "Champ" prop later this week. I hear you get a bit more power to perform stunts...I'll see.

2. Spektrum DX6i
Ooooh MAN! This transmitter roCKs! Read thru the manuel, watched every u tube video i could get my hand on explaining:

D/R & Expo
Travel Adjust
Pitch Curve
throttle Curve

I honestly didn't know this was going to be a highly customizable's SUPER pha-TAY! I have programmed at least 6 modles that i'm currently flying (on my Phoenix Sim of course, I wish I was rich so I can buy them all).

Maybe, one day....
Posted by chi chi | Feb 26, 2012 @ 11:56 PM | 2,298 Views
There it is, my avitar pic is a microheli bare main frame. after 2 seasons of stock coaxial flying on CX2 I bit the silver bullet and went crazy-go-nuts on upgrades. The only original parts left are the 2 serves and lower rotor head, gyro and the transmitter. this was a learning experience. After all the issues and rollercoaster emotions....I CAN HOOVER PEACEFULLYBABY!! more pics to come.
ima noobulious beginner...look forward to the transitions ahead;-]
chichi .