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Posted by Terrier | Apr 13, 2012 @ 12:23 PM | 2,695 Views
13 April 2012

The MicroQuad has been so much fun building, and I've gained so much valuable experience with it, I decided to go ahead and build a second bird. This one will be based on a MicroHex frame from BlueSkyRC.

The parts I'm using are pretty much the same as those I used for the MicroQuad, so the shopping list was pretty much the same, with the exception of the "durable goods" type things (radio, soldering iron and stuff like that).

I've already been fooling with it, and have a lot done, so let me get things up to date:

I bought two frames with the intention of having a second for spare parts. I started to get concerned with the fragility of the motor mounts, and my tendency to crash, so after a short consult with David/BlueSky, I decided to double the arms, making them 1/4" plywood rather than 1/8. It added a mere 24 grams by adding the extra 6 arms. This will be a flight training platform, so by the time I'm ready to try flying FPV with one, I can reduce weight by building another with the thinner arms for possibly better performance.

I smeared a very thin coat of wood glue and inserted some plastic screws thru the holes on the mount side. To keep the pairs perfectly aligned, I put a motor mounting screw thru the motor end. I made sure not to have any excess glue ooze out onto the plastic screws, and cleaned up any excess in the arm reinforcement holes before it dried. I used some Irwin clamps to make sure they dried tightly,...Continue Reading
Posted by Terrier | Feb 29, 2012 @ 02:56 AM | 3,859 Views
February 29, 2012

I researched and researched on quads, looking hard at the Open Pilot Copter Control forum, reading thru goobs of threads on the RCGroup thread, and eventually stumbled into the BlueSkyRC MicroQuad thread... I started reading, watched some of the videos, and I thought to myself, "Self, this is perfect! Just the right way to delve into quads. Simple, cheap, small... perfect."

I'm still very interested in the OP/CC, but right now they're just impossible to get. Production is stymied. If I can ever get my hands on one.... but for the meantime, I started looking into a MultiWii.

So, my research shifted to deciding what parts I'd need to put a quad together. Not an easy task, putting one of these things together in Afghanistan, but, not altogether impossible. The hard part was deciding to shell out money for things I already had, but that were located in storage in Tennessee... far from reach. That part hurt a little.

The mail service is pretty good here. Average for Prioity Mail is about 7 days from the US, but getting stuff from HobbyKing's international warehouse would take a while... As I write this, I've received a few things I ordered, but not much of it. I'll continue next with a list of everything I ordered, where from, and maybe say why...

So... Lots to buy, a little spare change rattling around (you, too can work 72 hours per week and dodge rockets!) This list is pretty long because I have next to nothing...Continue Reading