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Posted by LooseSox | Apr 17, 2015 @ 06:57 AM | 9,651 Views
After years of flying foamies, I've decided to get myself some decent models lately. One of them is the Horejsi Q12x (see here http://www.horejsi.cz/Pages/DetailPr...?objcislo=1938). The Q12x is the competition version of the original Q12, it has a sleeker carbon/kevlar fuselge opposed to the gel coated fibreglass of the original.

I won't go into heaps of detail as some of the main parts are covered here http://horejsi.cz/DataFiles/2120_Q12...embly_tips.pdf by Horejsi's (albeit somewhat basic) building tips page. Thankfully, the pictures speak volumes when related to the included manual. Here I'll be covering anything I deem majorly important over the manual/build tips as well as any modifications along the way specific to the equipment I'll be using.

I've got my fingers crossed for a <550g all up flying weight, so for a 2m bird, she should float along quite nicely