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Posted by FlyBoyMarcus | Apr 27, 2012 @ 11:31 PM | 2,464 Views
Spent this week on holidays at Batemans Bay on the south coast of NSW and the weather turned on an absolute treat for flying after the fist rainy day.

After spending the last 6 or so weeks building up a Skywalker in anticipation of this event it was a nerve racking experience to FPV it the first time over the ocean/Forrest but after a shaky start all when great.

DVR broke 2 days before trip so no video of my best FPV adventures to date

FSD 1290KVA Motor
APC 9 x 6 Prop
3000mAH 3S for motor/servo power(1200 extra in parralell for Range testing)
1200mAH 3S for VTx/OSD
Hornet OSD
FY31AP Autopilot
RangeVideo 1.2MHZ 800mW VTx
RabgeVideo V Antenna
HK Sony 400TVL CCD
Mystery Cloud 60Amp ESC
Turnigy BEC
AR8000 Spektrum Rx

Ground Station
15 Inch Onix LCD
RangeVideo Delux 1.2MHz VRx
RangeVideo rubber ducky antenna
Vuzix 920 Video Glasses
7A Century Lead Acid Battery

Spektrum DX7s

Max range 2200 Metres @ 350 Meters
Stall speed @ 23 KM/H
Cruise @ 4-7 Amps depending on wind, light wind at ground level
Max speed 70 KM/H(10Amps in a dive, intentionally baby this bird)
On Average 1100mA used for 12 Minutes Flight Time
Longest flight 20 Minutes - 2100mA used
Some video break up when aircraft is flying directly away at distance but this clears with a slight turn, may need to review antenna position.

The flying area,

Posted by FlyBoyMarcus | Feb 10, 2012 @ 11:58 PM | 2,820 Views
Video of my second ever flight, pics of the post flight carnage after it went through the power lines....
I couldn't tell if it was coming or going and as it turns out it was going!

Flight 2 for me and my Easy Star (0 min 55 sec)

Posted by FlyBoyMarcus | Feb 09, 2012 @ 01:45 AM | 3,593 Views
Some months ago I saw a video shot by a young boy from a RC plane and I was blown away!

My journey started with a request to Mrs FBMarcus for a pair of video glasses for Xmas, little did I know that this was just a gateway gadget to an addictive and expensive new habit.

Next on the list was a plane, so off to Google I went to research and there I stumbled apon this site. Wow I was in heaven, I spend many nights reading through the site and the experiences of others that have gone the FPV route. As it turns out the choice of ride was pretty easy, well Easy Star.
With all of the recommendations and kudos that this plane gets I couldnt go past it for my first ever RC plane.

Time to hunt down one of these beautiful machines.

Sounds simple right? Yeah...not for me.

I started looking our the net for this plane and the first problem was a couple of new acronyms, RTF and ARF. RTF was pretty easy to grasp, a plane with the lot. But I wanted to FPV so I knew from all the excellent advice on here that I was going to need more power, better Tx and Rx so I didn't want to waste cash on things that I would need to replace.
This meant that this ARF thing was most likely the way to, specially since I had never done this before. So it seems that all ARFs are not created equal, ARF could mean anything and I didn't know my servo from my ESC so I was lost trying to pick the best kit.

Off to my local model store for some advise, being in Australia I did not have high hopes...Continue Reading